A Little Light in Down Times

Hey folks just wanted to share with you a positive day one of my dealers salespeople had today. We just closed today two new contracts one for about $20,000.00 a year and another one time clean for about $4,000.00.

Now he had been working on these over the last sevaral weeks but it is uplifting to see that work is still out there and it can be gotten. This big contract was a take from someone else. While that is never a pleasant thought one thing this economy does is shake up relationships. We are getting to talk to people that before were locked down by competitors. That is one side.

The other side is you better be taking real good care of your current customer base because your relationship is not secure either. I have seen 20year relationships go right out the window as of late and we are pretty insulated from the downturn in economy.

Congrats, Mike!

The guys do it all. I just sit here in my ivory office and analze things. Actually I am bored. Larry you need any help in Cali. :slight_smile:

Der Gropenführer is analyzing things here to the tune of -$42B over a two-year period, Mike.

Yeah its rough all over. Our state hasnt had any money for some time now—But hey at least we are able to bribe our way out. :slight_smile:

I was going to ask you the same thing Mike!:wink:

10 more like that and you’ll be fatt. Nice job.

I am already Fat. Literally that is I am putting on weight like a pregnant woman. I hate winter.

Thank you for posting this… It kinda jolted me just now, out of my apathy. It’s been a VERY slow dec/jan.

I’ve been taking very good care of my customers, though. My list is not huge, but I’ve already scheduled half of them for Feb./mar.


I’ll bet your the proud father of a bunch of cash when your baby hatches.(no offence intended)