A Marriage

No, not between me and “Mrs. Right” (she does not exist) although there have been plenty of “Mrs. Right Now”.

I am blending two services that, at first, seem hard to marry well without some major explanation. I’ll get further into that and there is where I need some help.

It is easy to ‘see’ how a window cleaner may offer power washing, or carpet cleaning. these things marry well on a business card right?

Average Joe’s Window and Power Washing
Mediocre Mikes Carpet and Window Cleaning

For the last month and change, I have been working with a fried who mows grass and is a serious tree surgeon. he has large bucket trucks, chain saws, climbing gear etc. He uses he lawn service as the ‘in’ for trees. And over the years his lawn service has been …looked over since, on any given day, a decent tree gig will produce 3-5K in revenue.

He does not run a business, he owns a job. His lawn service has dwindled and is in trouble. The economy hit the dumper and suddenly his calls for tress have…s-t-o-p-p-e-d.

During the time i have known him (10 years or so) he was the go to guy for grass cutting. his route was large! But, as mentioned above his focus changed. Now, he has a small 60 account route left. And it is dropping. He and I decided i should buy into his lawn business and…run it.

He suddenly decided that might be a bad idea. I agree. I like to work, he likes to…not.

so, I am about to buy all new lawn gear. It aint cheap either. But here is my plan and here is where I need some help;

I want a name or a tag that covers the two services. Something like Gardens and Glass. But even that does not say what I offer. which, simply is lawn mowing and window cleaning.

I think the marriage of lawn service and window service is brilliant and can be marketed in ways beyond fathom.

Nay sayers post elsewhere, it is a done deal. I need help figuring out what to call it, how to explain it in as little words as possible. and, where else would I go but here? We have a tome of knowledge here about this very thing.

so…let us begin. I am open to ideas and input…and to the one or ones who truly offer something outside the box…something I end up using. He/she gets FREE gear (I pay for it) from WCR. Not sure what my full budget is…but ask Matt what I can do for someone who offers me help. It will be more than a free squeegee.

[SIZE=“3”][B]A Greener View[/B][/SIZE]
[I]Window Cleaning & Lawn Maintenance[/I]

Covers windows, lawn care & sounds environmentally positive.

A Deeper Clean,

I was wondering if you are just buying a % of the company (50/50-75/25 % etc)? Or will you have full control? I think building your company up is great, but my only concern would be with having a partner that does not put in the same effort or has the same work ethic as myself. That could cause problems down the road. Is it possible to buy in at 100%, so you will have full control. I think it would be cheaper in the long run. If down the road you build up the landscape side of things by yourself, would your friend/partner have his hand out looking for more money, with very little of his time invested. Just a thought. My brother in-law partnered up with another gentleman to start a electrical company, they used his partners name for the company name. My brother in-law is like you a go getter, the partner is not a go getter you can’t track down on his cell and is never in the field working, just collects a check every two weeks. They will be splitting the company very soon, but have been together for 7-8 years. This type of relationship is very stressful. You just have to look out for yourself. If you have established yourself with A Deeper Clean name,
A Deeper Clean Window Cleaning and Landscape Services
might be easier to use then creating a new identity. If the area knows you for A Deeper Clean and knows that guy does a quality job w/c, then it might be easier getting their lawn accounts also.

Just some thoughts.
Good luck

Wow, Mark. Great idea.

Have you thought about just having two businesses? I am not sure about the legality, but I am sure it can be worked out to be somewhat easy…

There are some benefits to having two business names…

You’ve probably got some friends in the area that do window cleaning, right? It may be easier for them to recommend a “lawn service” company to their window accounts then to a “Lawn Cutting and Window Cleaning service”.

Once you get a lawn account, you can mention that you run another business which cleans windows, so you can be somewhat selective.

Some companys can begin to offer too many services… it just starts too look like they’re spread too thin.

One thing I learned from doing pressure washing and window cleaning - I was funding one business from another. Window cleaning jobs were paying for pressure washing equipment one month and then pressure washing equipment was paying for a lack of window cleaning jobs. I decided that if one business could not pay for itself, it wasn’t worth doing.

BTW-I’m basically out of the pressure washing business. We only have 300 days left of water here. The lake is over 20 feet below normal pool. So we have mandatory water restrictions. I can’t wash at all in some places, some places I can. But in the places I can - nobody wants it done because they want to conserve water - or they don’t think they can have it done. The phone just doesn’t ring for it.

Make sure the forcast for grass is GROW before you invest in a lot of equipment.

Clean and Cut


Clean and Cut

also brilliant.

how about
star brite window cleaning & Lawn Care


Lemme think about it. No.

ha ha ha…

it made you laugh though right?

Glass & Grass

As a sidenote, there’s a local lawn guy whose biz name is “Sling Blade”. I always liked that. Always wondered if he liked biscuits with mustard.

or “your glass is grass”

Look on the back of my t-shirt at 06 - 07 seconds on the wagtail video. I get asked all the time what else I do!

Ruthven Solutions?

How about “Joe’s” Home Maintenance w/ a tag line of “We cover you from the grass to the glass!” ?

[B]Ganja Industries[/B]
"[I]I and I Love Your Grass and Glass[/I]"

It did crack me up good.

Hey Phil,

If you pick my idea, all I want is some wagtail rubber. :wink:

link please.