A New View and Clearly Clean

This last week I was able to team up w/ a fellow forum member (Isaac) and help him do a 4 story commercial job he landed. Although he had never used pure water technology it wasn’t long before he picked it up. We even got a video of him doing what we jokingly referred to as “the Russell Shuffle”.


What do you call that dance you was doing at the end? :wink:

Squeegee pros and I are working together on a few projects. Possibly another in the near future.

I don’t dance.:stuck_out_tongue:

Great to be able to work w/ other wcers isn’t it.

A few pics from the job.

You look pretty cold.

Looks like a great gig. Do you mind if I ask how much you guys got for it? Also, do you alway pretty much WFP these commercial gigs even if they haven’t been cleaned in years?

It wasn’t my gig so I can’t really tell you how much it was for.
If the glass is hammered then I’d suggest lifts for a first clean but this job has had fairly regular cleans. We got the gig because of using wfp and not needing a lift or repelling like the last company. We got it done in a day and a half. Much quicker than the last company from the way they were talking about it.

I would not be adverse to working with a competitor, in fact I would welcome the opportunity. I think it would be great! However, for whatever reason, I don’t think the guys in my area would…


that tucker looks like it would be heavy.

It is. But on the upside it’s very flexible :wink:
It’s on the list to be replaced.

like a wet noodle!

I prefer the term Golden Noodle, Brennon!

[COLOR="#2f4f4f"][SIZE=“3”]Ms.Tucker Pole is a true Lady…[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#2f4f4f"][SIZE=“3”]When she’s hooked up with the Gentlemen
[SIZE=“3”][COLOR="#2f4f4f"]OooH Yeah…[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR="#2f4f4f"][SIZE=“3”]Just my 2 cents Yawl…[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#2f4f4f"][SIZE=“3”]Dange with the back up…[/SIZE][/COLOR]

It was a great starter pole Dange, but w/ all the alternatives out there I would be a fool to stick w/ a Tucker pole. It’s heavy, extremely flexible, and the don’t even get me started on the clamping system.
I should have a replacement before the July Midwest event so my old Tucker pole will be for sale, CHEAP.

I’m kinda wondering why your using such a long goose neck…Obviously it’s designed for deep window sets, but on flat glass like in your photos, the shorter goose next is much easier to maneuver…Do you use that big of a goose neck on all your jobs !

At 2000 or above I can’t justify to throw Ms. Tucker under the bus, but if you’ve got the cash then do what you heart desires .

What kind of large pole will you be buying ?


I got the longer goose neck for a job w/ backset 4th floor windows. Instead of changing goose necks I just kept the longer one on.
I’m looking at a couple other options to replace the Tucker and when I decide I’ll let you know. As for the price to replace the Tucker you have to figure in wear and tear on your body and the increase in speed that a lighter, stiffer pole will bring. It’s the same when switching from a DI tank to a RO/DI system. Or going wfp instead of using a ladder. The price is the least of the concerns for me.

I got a hospital to do with lots of hard water stains that is five stories tall. Want to come help me out? 1185 windows.