A New Way to Showcase your Customer Reviews

My brother just figured out a cool way to showcase customer reviews using a blogging format. I think it could be really useful for a lot of the window cleaners here at WCR.

Customer Reviews | Carpet Care Cleaners

I like how you can display just the beginning of the review and then click on “more” to read more of it. This has the benefit of showing more reviews at a time on your page and also zeroing in on an “catch phrase.”

Helps turn your reviews into a form of branding. I think you could use it to highlight your unique strengths by having your customers do the talking instead of tooting your own horn.

One main reason I did it this way is so I can post multiple types of reviews, I don’t have any yet, but I would like to take a picture of the job or customer associated with the review, or have a video review.

Having the reviews each have their own post, and just selecting “customer review” as the category makes it simple for me to add new reviews, I don’t have to edit a page, just make a new post.

on the SEO side, it will create a page for each review, but still have a place (category) where they are all seen together.

Cool. I will have to do this with my web site redesign.

I’m going to start “blogging my jobs” and send the customer a draft copy via email for “their approval”. Here they will get a chance to comment on the thread, fill out a testimonial, and hopefully click “Share to Twitter/Facebook” for their family and friends.

WOW, great idea!!