A note on the new Printing Services!

Hey Guys and Gals!
Steve here from atcostprinting.com and now officially windowcleaner.com!

As many of you have seen, heard, inquired about, we are in the process of migrating our printing services from atcostprinting.com over to windowcleaner.com/printing

We are super excited to be bringing the service all under one roof for members as well as the public! It is going to make for an even better experience for everyone. No more needing separate logins, reactivating printing accounts, etc.

Right now the print pricing is rock bottom AND the cost for Edit Services and Custom design have been lowered. The services are still in the process of being migrated over and a few kinks will inevitably need to be worked out.

Jillian (who most of you already know) and I are going to be even more present here to help you guys with anything that you may need, even if it is just advice on design, consultation on postcard marketing, etc.

If anybody needs any help with the new order process, questions, pricing, comments, etc, feel free to reach out to us via email at printing@windowcleaningresource.com





I’m not ready for this yet but I will be back for supplies when I am. I had an idea for having an estimate sheet mailer which had a dozen artists depiction of houses - house stereotypes for what matters to a window cleaner. The customer could pick an option that fits their residence best and if I agreed we’d have an estimate with a revision on repeat customers.

That is a pretty awesome idea! I love it.