A question all the way from Ireland

Hey Guys,

I’m a new member to this forum and am only really starting out in window cleaning.I’m living over here in Ireland and would love to hear your views.

Perhaps you can help me with a query i have.

I am a very hard worker and am looking to build a strong clientele base both residential and commercial.However i just don’t know where to start…in both sectors in building my contacts and gaining new customers.

I mean perhaps some of you can tell me of your experiences of when you were just starting off and how you grew your business…

how do you achieve sales and build a clientele list, is it simply a matter of knocking on doors both residential and commercial?

Welcome Rob! As for building clientele, flyers and door to door marketing is what got my foot into the door in this industry. I passed out mass amounts of flyers and knocked on a bunch of doors until I got someone to say yes. I dont know what the laws are in your neck of the woods regarding canvassing but, if you are allowed to, I would print up a bunch of flyers, postcards, doorhangers and hit the pavement. I know Chris the owner of this forum built his business on flyers and “guerilla marketing”. So go for it, dont get discouraged and dont look back.

I would go door to door and market your business. But if you do not like talking to people face to face, then i would do the flyer thing.

FYI: Handing out flyers only gives about a 1% return
Going door to door gives you about a 85% return.

I’m not even close to that figure for residential (you didn’t specify) cold calls.

85% door to door Damn boyeeeee…you must be a “Silver Tongued Devil”:smiley:

Hi Larry,

This is only for door to door, no cold calling.

In my opinion you would not get the 85% doing cold calling.

It is just how you present yourself and a little bit on what you say also my friend.

I have not done door to door advertising since 2003 though, i only did that when i first went into business to get some clients. i dont even advertise anymore, all my leads are referrals or from my website.

I did mean D2D cold calling.

I dont know what you mean? i walk to there door and introduce myself. i do not call them on the phone.

so i guess you can say it would be a cold-walk up.

Doug, 85% would be an incredible sell ratio, I don’t think I could close 85% of the people who call me and ask for a price, with door to door which i do not do so this is conjecture i would think more than 15% of the people would have a window cleaner they are happy with and a further large percentage would either not be interested or would be DIYers
If you are seriously closing 85% of doors you knock on, thats incredible

“Cold call” can refer to phone or face-to-face (F2F) / door-to-door (D2D.)

Learn something new everyday…

Thanks much