A shout out to Sean!


Thanks for the kind words Mike! I’m humbled to hear that you guys out there are really taking so much from what I have to say and it means a lot to me! I can only hope to continue coming up with content with real substance that everyone will be able to relate to and appreciate in future videos! Thanks again!

Yeah I watch your videos every week. Keep it up.

Will do!! :smiley:

I heart sean or
heart sean heart

Stop, you’ll make me blush :o and my avatar is way too bad a$$ to let that happen!!

I prefered Bill and Ted!:wink:

Haha! Well this was just to promote what’s in store at WCR! I’ll find another soon enough. You know I keep things fresh!!

Tell me about the promotion - I can keep a secret!:wink:

A new line of products presented by WCR…the “Slayer” products…from squeegees to rubbers to poles and more…

how awesome would it be to own a cool squeegee called the “Slayer”?

Ahhh! I’m not that easy Tony!! My lips are sealed!

Kinda like The Eliminator, no? :smiley:

J/K Alex and Chris – you know I love you guys!