A Window Wonderland!

Hi WCR Fans, I got the job that I told about in a previous post. The job with a water hazard, a ledge made like a blind over the water and a lot of glass! It’s a beautiful building that gives you the feel of being all glass and the landscape is like a paradise setting. The Rotunda above the water and stepping stones has a 39 foot ceiling and four high windows from floor to ceiling.
While at first it seems intimidating, we are cleaning a window at a time and not thinking of how big the entire job is and how difficult some of the glass is to reach.
Thought you might enjoy the pics, of the nearly 600 count "window wonderland"

Nice Matt

Wow Matt!

How long did it take you and how much did you charge?

How much did you charge?

nice building, I like the exterior architecture

ok 600 count, looks like all oversize, some access issues, let’s play price is right and put in a guess,


We were asked to start inside only this past Monday and my son in law and myself have only worked four evenings as they do not want service people (even lawn care) until everyone leaves by 6 pm we lose our light by 9 pm. We figure that 2 to 3 more evenings will complete the inside. Not bad we thought for a first clean, and it would be quicker except the dirt outside makes you take extra time to determine which side the dirt is as you go ( especially nearing sunset).
This was going to be a hard one to price as we have as you see a water challenge near 39 foot high glass, and interior glass with interior roofs and ledges to climb on. The maintenance supervisor shared with me before I bid, how much they paid the previous window cleaner! That made it easier and was a surprise. But he informed me that it was not the price but rather the poor quality of work the previous WC did, and that each cleaning he had new people again.
I bid just under the previous cleaner at $ 3,800 in & Out $ 1,900 each side. for annual or semi-annual. Then proposed an optional Quarterly of $ 3,400 & $ 1,700 which they are considering! Glass count is 587 pieces.
It would be nice if we could work it all day long to get it done but this way it turns into extra $$ as we still work our normal week during the days.
We figure that we will average $40 to $50 per hour on the first clean and then better on subsequent as we will be better able to find our way around the facility and the glass will not need as much scraping with our regular service.
By the way, the windows have not been cleaned in a long time as they had many come to bid but they walked away as it looked too difficult for them.
Thanks for asking.

Try $ 3,800 !

Dang, lost out on on spinning the wheel and the showcase showdown, didn’t want to lose out by going over the actual retail price

thanks for sharing Matt

Hey Bruce, I was looking at a bid around $2,600 near yours, until the maintenance supr told me what the previous WCer was charging, which was about $ 3,900. It made my bidding easy and I could compensate for my 40 minute drive to get to this job.
Sometimes it works out for good!

$3900 AND they weren’t satisfied with the job. Good for you getting that one.

Thanks, this company trains and motivates local business owners to grow their business and motivate people. This is why they want no one servicing the facility while they are getting the students to dream, plan, & think outside the box.
Therefore the staff told me having the windows clean are so important, as bird dirt or pull down marks would distract the dreaming process!
As I shared with the security head William, he asked about what frequency the cleanings we set up for. I told him that nothing was set for sure but I assume semi-annual was the plan. He said do you think that is often enough? William said I think it should be at least quarterly!
( I like William!) He said is there a price difference for Quarterly? I said yes you save a few hundred dollars, as we will have less dirt to deal with on that schedule.
By the way I was told by maintenance that the local business owners ( Students) would be made aware of who keeps the windows looking good as well.$$$

Looks trippy, congrats on the score Matt.

Thanks, I’m 55, is “Trippy” like “cool”?

Not really…

Always nice to get a great job and customer

I agree!

it looks a very challenging job

It is, but we are taking a window and section at a time. Each section seems to send us back to our van for a different ladder or tools.
So far we have handled each one, when we do the out side over the water, I have not yet worked out how to best handle that and stay dry!

That place is awesome! Looks like a lot of fun!

Thanks for the pics.


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Was just curious why all the people who clamour about lowballing arent killing you right now with their righteous indignation. I guess its good business when they do it and its lowballing when it happens to them right?