The malls are playing Christmas music already!!!

“Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc”

Just wanted you to hear some music while you sitting in front of your computer Don…,d.cGE

That is why you need to get the buds in and rock some Enya.:stuck_out_tongue:

Not in front of the computron
We be wiping windows…
(eating some bueno tacos now. Not Bueno tacos just good tacos)
Enya??? ENYA!!??
I ONLY rock to ABBA!!! :wink:

Dude! I forgot about Abba!
Its weird but that type music gets one in a flow and rhythm. Tried Metallica when scraping once, not a good idea. Might as well use a chisel.

I was at Sears last month and they were playing Christmas stuff already.

I worked in snow flurries most of today. Winter sucks!

Same here in PA. Still used my wfp, though!

And the stores are putting up those annoying Thanksgiving stickers and other obstacles. Yippee.

Winter and Holidays…

But the one good thing is more time with the Family.

And a well needed rest from a very long spring - fall