AAAAAAHHHH 27 degrees....feels nice!

Wow! After having the last 5 days off because of the insane cold(-26 without windchill!), I was skipping down the street today, happy to be working in the snow. Been a tough winter so far…anyone else?

Oh man this weather is driving me batty! 40 degrees yesterday felt like a hot summer day. In the process of getting another foot of snow dumped on us right now.

Hi Michele,

Here in Seattle this month the temps have been ranging between 49 and the low 50’s, next week it is to rise to the high 50’s.

When it rains the clouds keep things warm and in November we had a good freeze for about 8 days but other than that it’s been fairly mild, that’s the Pacific Northwest for you.


This morning’s fog was brutal – three to four car lengths for a big stretch. Otherwise, it’s about Colm’s favorite 60/65F the past week. We had a few weeks in the low twenties for a while (that’s cold here.)

Im so glad to be in Texas. Was 39 when I woke up…buuuuurrrrr…but we’ll top out at 67 today.

Going to me high 30s here today and looking forward to it. We have had a few weeks where it didn’t get above freezing and I would love to see 40 degrees. Not to mention we have a few feet of snow in places.

This has to be a record breaking year with all the snow we’ve gotten. I Know far North Jersey usually get it worse than Metro NJ, so you guys must be completely buried.

We have a ton of snow but I think every storm dumped the most a little more south of us.

Got 16" here in South Jersey last night. Sick of shoveling my driveway and we’re not even to February yet.

Usually we get more than NJ and downstate NY, but every, and I mean EVERY big one has either missed us or glanced us this year. We got a whopping 1/2" last night while 20 miles south had school delays.
Still, there’s about 8-10" on the ground from small storms and cold temps. Today was a pretty good day for my employee to work for sure. Low 30’s and mostly sunny.

Alex; We have a ton of snow but I think every storm dumped the most a little more south of us.

Haha yeah, and guess who’s just a little more south of you

We got about 14", Even still, I can’t get any more snow up on the mountain in my driveway. Its 2 feet over my head now. Literally had an avalanche this morning.

Every single storrm seems to have nailed New York City. When you see the fire and brimstone on the news, thats usually how we got it too, I’m only about 7 miles from Manhattan.

Right now, I don’t mind a couple of days of down time because come spring, we are going to wish we had a day off or two!

We have had more snow this year to date than years past. Most of our snow comes in Feb. Temps have been in the single numbers on some mornings but lately we have been getting up in the high 30’s and 40’s in afternoons. I love to start work early but this winter I am not leaving the house till 10am most days.

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Got the facts straight now…

The snowiest month on record in NYC was 36.9 inches last February

We’re at 36 inches even right now

… and supposed to get 1-4 inches tomorrow

No doubt this will be the snowiest winter in NYC history

… and another monster storm is on its way for next week

Oh Joy

Well, at least you have all that Summer humidity to look forward to!

You guys have it easy!! Here in Wisconsin the temp hasn’t been above freezing
in weeks and weeks!

Up here the window cleaners are happy if we can get a 30 degree day with the
sun shining!

BTW we are beginning a snow storm up here that is supposed to dump 20 inches
the next couple of days…shoulda started a snow removal business this year.

…No more complaining! I just chipped my way through my Monday commercial accounts. I use straight up windshield fluid and GG4 and it still froze almost instantly. With the wind chill it was -15 Fahrenheit with the sun shining and this is not too cold for this area. I took a coffee break every 3 or 4 accounts to warm up and try to drum up business. When I offer my services some people just look at me, look outside and laugh and say come back in April.

…Stupid Wisconsin…

r u still workin? Just store front?