Abercrombie and Fitch

Do any of you clean any Abercrombies that have louvers covering the windows? They cover the entire window and there isn’t enough room to get a squeegee or stripwasher behind them. I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips to make it easier to get the fingerprints off. My plan is to use a foam spray and just spot clean the prints. Just hoping someone may have a little tip or trick they could share.

From another window cleaner’s post on another forum ~14 months ago:

[I]They want the glass wiped clean and the louvers dusted and cleaned.
I [utilize] a large towel and dust a set of louvers. I take a damp microfiber towel and slide my hands in and clean the glass at about three gaps at a time. I finish with a huck to [buff]. At the bottom I kneel on a towel. Last, I use a microfiber on the louvers to remove any fingerprints.[/I]

That sees like a lot of work.

And so you charge for it. :wink:

If you do it that way it is alot of work. Dusting the louvers is easy, even easier since I think the employees are actually doing it sometimes. The glass stays fairly clean except at about toddler height, so generally spot removing the fingerprints is enough. I personally haven’t been to this job in few months so I just want to be prepared incase of the worst. One problem I’ve had in the past is that the store employees are supposed to clean the interior glass. Which is done poorly, if at all. This makes cleaning the exterior a PIA.

Hey Mark, I love your reviews. I work for Bill(the expert):rolleyes: and Aintjemama(also an expert):D. I know if it wasn’t worth it they wouldn’t be doing it.

Howdy hunterst! (Hunter S Thompson?)

We get $210.00 for each Abercrombie store we clean. It’s definitely worth it, since as Jay said, they ususally only have to wipe the Louvres down witch takes barley any time at all.

Yes, it is. He is my favorite writer. It dosen’t hurt that my last name is Thompson as well. My dog is named Hunter, my previous dog was Lucy, after the woman with the Babs painting in Fear and Loathing. If I had a son instead of a daughter I would have named him Lono.

I have five of these stores. I clean them quarterly. They need to done monthly in my opinion. The louvers are particularly a pain in the butt. I spend just over an hour cleaning each store. I may need to slow down and pay more attention because I got my first call back today. Apparently I missed a few finger prints. I bet money they are between the louvers at child hight were they get their grubby little finger in between them:mad:


We get $210.00 for each Abercrombie store we clean.
Really? How many windows are you doing? My largest one has 12 lower and 12 having to use a 6ft step ladder. And I don’t charge half of that. Is there something Im missing out on?

Is anybody subcontracting for someone for these stores? PM me on this subject please.

Ah yes, the Curse Of Lono. The only HST book I’ve read/own.

I forgot what the worst thing about the A&F job is… it smells and sounds like ex-high school cheerleader night at a gay club. I swear the obnoxious scent of the cologne and the horrible music they play are definetly one of the seven levels of hell.

I hate walking past that place at the mall for just that reason. Stinks in more than one way huh?:smiley:

I don’t know if this applies to indoor malls, but the stores on outside malls have louvers that swing open. Just one screw that can be reached with a screwdriver, but it’s easier to use a flex bit on a cordless.

I don’t do any work for this company, but they are called One Stop Maintenance. It seems like they get pretty good money for their stuff but they are habitually slow payers.