About to buy some supplies from WCR but

I am a bit confused as to which channels work with which handles. I have always just used the standard brass handle with channel available at the local janitorial supply store and/or home improvement stores.

I was thinking about going with a :Ettore Contour Pro+ Handle but what channels go with it?

I want to get several different handles and a variety of chaneels as well but I need some advice.

Super Channels and Slayer Channels need to go with the Ettore Super Channel Handles.

Unger “S” Cannels need to go with Unger Ergotec Hangles

Pulex Technolite Channels need to go with Technolite Channels.

For the most part, all other channels and handles are interchangeable. Brass channels will work with steel or aluminum handles and any combination of the 3 materials. Its really just preference when it comes down to it.

Feel free to call me if you have any specific questions.


I have been looking at the UNGER handles and channels but I don’t see clips for the stainless steel channels, what do you use? What channels do you use with the UNGER ERGOTECH handles?

We use super chanels. Oh by the way, thanks for the savings coupon. The free shiping coupon you put in my box with my pivit tool. I found it in the bottom of the box. Thanks Alex.

The Stainless Channels come with plastic clips already inside.

The ErgoTec Handle uses Unger “S” Channels.

Your very welcome. They are going out with all orders until I’m out of them. (shouldn’t be too long)