? about WFP pressure output

I’m an experienced window cleaner, but just started using a WFP for a few selected jobs.
I am using the IONIC 3 Stage system with no pump. The second stage is a RO MEMBRANE. I have strong water pressure (65 psi) but the water seems to be really restricted passing through the RO Membrane. The manual states that minimum output should be .6gpm and that most like it somewhere between .8gpm-1.0gpm.

I did a test and I am getting a flow of only .33gpm.

Any ideas on why my flow is so low?

What is up Homeboy, still having problems with that.

How old is your membrane? It could be clogged from sediment. I am not an RO expert but as the membrane fills with deposits the back pressure will continue to rise and your out put pressure will diminish. Shawn Gavin is someone you might want to get ahold of.

Robb, thanks for reply. It’s a brand new RO, so I don’t know what’s up. I will take your advice and call Shawn this week. I’ve talked with him once before and he is very knowledgable and helpful.

Steven…hope you are doing well buddy.

You might need to add a back flow value so the water does not go back though the ro unit.
Philip Alexander

How old is the system?


He picked it up this year.


You are welcome to swing by any time you want and I’ll take a look at this one for you too.

We’ll get you up in running one way or another.

One ro unit will produce less then two or even 4 units in a line.