Accepting Credit Cards

What is an affordable and easy way to accept credit cards without getting a merchant account?

I know of Paypal but because it’s US based it stills seems to be a hassle for Canadian businesses.

If anyone is using paypal, can you run through a cost scenario for me please.

Example: Job is $200. What percentage is taken by Paypal and how do I get that money? They say they can transfer to an American bank account but I don’t want to open another account just for that. If they send you a check is there more charges?

I guess what I want to know is, out of that $200, what is left in my hand at the end of the day.

Lastly, anyone know of a Canadian equivalent to Paypal?

I’ve used Paypal for about 5 years now, Mark.

Its seamless, and super-easy, and a breeze to incorporate with your Canadian bank account.

Paypal skims 3% or so.

So, with $200, you’ll lose $6

Cost of business. The value of the convenience of offering credit card payments outweighs the cost.

And of course, if you’re charging maximum prices, you won’t miss the 3% that much! With smaller transactions, I make the client pay the 3%, anything under $200. If you’d prefer, you can make EVERY client pay the 3% transaction fee, but I think that screams cheap to your larger clients, therefore I set it up as you see it.

You can configure all these details inside your Paypal account.

If you’d like to see how my company uses it, check out

P.S. See how I use a custom URL, too? That way, I can simply put this easy URL on my invoices, instead of having them enter a local file name on my server. It also adds some stability to my company’s perceived image

my wife uses paypal for buying and selling stuff all the time, its pretty simple, and ive given thought to using it for my biz. Ive been asked numerous times if i take credit cards…I may just hop into the 21st century lol

I had a dental office want to pay for the whole year in advance via credit card. I could have got paid on the spot. He did eventually mail me a check but I figure the sooner you get paid…

The paypal werb site makes it seem that you need an America bank account or they charge more…I guess I’ll have to speak to a representative.

I looked at your payment page and clicked through to Paypal. At the top it says “Make your donation” as opposed to “Make your payment”. Is there anyway to change that?

Thanks for the info.

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=3] Damm thats a good idea… You can add that to the list of ideas I am “borrowing” from you.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I reckon if there was a prize for “most helpful poster”, you would win Kevin!
I’ve had more ideas off you - I think you have a fresher insight?

Take them guys ~ that’s what this is all about, right!

Yeah Chris:

may be improved by” or “

Interesting studies have been completed on the beauty and effectiveness of short, redirected URL’s

I can see what you both see here, but why the separate web url? Why not just imped the URl into a code that is easy and make it direct to your page? That way you can just do the click here to pay or to make payment go through our link and it takes you to the payment page?

If you do not know how to do that I can provide a method quite quickly for you.

Ed - we’re talking about offline references in print (ink on paper)to credit card payment options.

For invoices and the like.

Here’s my current web URL for my online payment page:


Imagine putting that sucker on a printed invoice! (actually - even this forum’s code shortens it above!) What do you think the chances are that one of my clients would mess it up?

Instead, they can simply use this one:

It does the same thing in a much more elegant, user-friendly, and credibility-building way…

… offline references in print (ink on paper) …

Now it makes much more sense and yes, it is a great idea. I missed the in print part, sorry about that. I was totally thinking web only…

No worries, Ed.

Pay New Albany Window Cleaning online at:

The domain cost $1.99 for the first year

Nice Brennon.

I love how you immediately implement.

That alone is a priceless business-building habit.