Account's Employees messing up my mojo

So I’m on my second round (monthly) with this account and one of the new employees they have has been cleaning the Windows. It’s not property management, I checked. I think they are trying to show initiative and all of that since they are a new employee. This is what I’ve walked into in three different stores of theirs now…

And this is how I left it last time, and this time.

Am I overstepping nt bounds to ask management not to let them do the glass? I’m trying to build a route(s) along these strip malls, but I can’t point out my work to someone if I’m not sure it’s going to be my work that a prospect may look at. Hope that makes sense.

Talk to them about it. I had a guy at a restaurant always wait until window cleaning day to pressure wash the awnings and outdoor patio seating area. Windows looked like crap 1 hour after cleaning them. Had to talk to the manager and he put a stop to it.

Eh, an employee cleaning vs some landscaper blowing crap all over everything are different in my mind.

If the windows are that bad, maybe they should be on a 2 week schedule instead of 4 weeks (I NEVER ever do monthly accounts… except for big projects).

Talk to the owner and ask if they want every 2 weeks. If not, then don’t worry about it. People won’t sign up with you because your windows look clean for 30 days (which is impossible) but they’ll sign up because they see you out there cleaning the windows, removing cobwebs, etc. And if you show up on the same day every other week, they’ll also know you’re dependable.

Now, if the employee is using a greasy rag to jack up my windows, I might ask them to go buy some sprayaway or something instead of using sweet and sour sauce. Or raise the price.

Are you scheduled to clean them regularly? If so clean them as usual and collect the pay. If you are cleaning up a mess each time, let the one know who signs the check that your job would be easier if you were the only one “cleaning” the windows.

Yes I’m regularly scheduled monthly on all 25 stores. We have dust storms at least weekly during the summer here. Maybe it’s a good way to upsell frequency. But the mess makes it MUCH harder to clean, I don’t know what they used to clean them but it seems like Crisco or something.

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See if they are willing to increase frequency of service.

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I had a hard enough time getting five day net from these folks. They rarely return phone calls, I need to get the work as efficient as possible first, then see where my hourly REALLY is. If I’m doing first cleans every time, I’m gonna find a replacement account first and then talk to them about frequency or more money for the present frequency.

I understand, good luck.

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chances are this employee will never do it again once hes got his feet under the table. id say nothing for now

Right? Too many employees like that. As long as this one leaves em alone.

Just add a little more soap in your squirt bottle. Since I started carrying a bottle, it allows me to use heavy soap on restaurants and regular soap on everything else.

Id mention it to the manager, or whoever my point of contact was. I would let him know that they would stay cleaner and look better longer if the employee wouldn’t try to clean them (if they looked that bad every time). 30 days and they get dirty, sure, but not like that; they’d really look better if they were just left alone.

Personally I care about my results (i have a standard as im sure we all do) and that’s why I would tell my point of contact (usually the manager). If it’s no bother to them, then oh well. It would just bother me to think of someone walking in, asking who the window cleaner is, and blaming me for it.

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Especially a competitor. Or the owner that foots the bill. He’s naturally gonna think the wcer he hired left them like that. If it’s property management, it seems there is a huge opportunity for getting the entire strip mall. In the process is save the account money by doing the exterior correctly on the other guys dime.

Just make sure to send an email to the head honcho who hired you and document it-weve been doing a 30 store donut chain for decade plus now and night shift always ruing our work by using degreaser on frames-kept getting callbacks until i emailed the Dir of Ops now its up to managers to direct crews to be careful or dont touch the frames the weekend after we arrive (they go every other week).