Acid magic on windows?

Hi all im new here but look to be hanging out for a long time here.

I have a bottle of acid magic at home, I got my first job coming up in two days to clean a homes windows.

I have researched and hear that saferestore and CC250 are the top line for taking out hard water stains. I cant get those two products within the next day so I was wondering if acid magic will do.

have any of you used it??? it has hydrochloric acid in it as well as muriatic acid. It does say you can use it on glass.

I can get you those products in one day if you need them…

The manufacturer call is a buffered muriatic acid which is another name for hydrochloric acid which would make it similar (not the same though) as OneRestore.

You will want to use caution any time you use acid on glass as it will corrode it if used incorrectly.

thanks for the reply guys

i will be browsing the store getting my order ready, thanks.