Adapter for an Extension ladder to a work like a sectional?

Are there any adapters on the market to clip onto the top rung to allow a extension ladder to lay on a frame like a sectional ladder?

Large curtains of glass are becoming hard to clean on some commercial jobs with a standard extension ladder.

Hey Phish Kellar…

You know I’ve seen pointed tips put on other cleaners ladders, but only saw them while driving, if that’s what your talking about, the extension having a pointed tip.

I worked for a fella many years ago that had a welding shop make one for him ! I’ll search around, if I find something I’ll let you know !


I know what your talking about… and I have seen them nothin years though… I just did a couple of google searches and came up with nothing… They are out there though…

I had this on my Amazon Wish List years ago – it wasn’t available, and I was waiting for a notification that never arrived.

I emailed the manufacturer to see u it is currently available for sale. - Ladder Safety Products

you mean something like this …

Layher Glasreiniger Leiter -Aufsatz Glasreinigerleiter | eBay

or something like this

MAde by Günzberger Germany

The Layher looks better but which is more stable and does the better job ??

in the UK ladders with a pointed tip (pointers) always have the bottom feet splayed out ,to stop the ladder from spinning if you reach out too far. i understand one of the UK ladder makers is now making them without any splaying of the legs/feet , on a UK forum there was a discussion about how dangerous this new ladder is

i personally have seen a homemade point ladder where the top 2 rungs were removed and the stiles bent together and the joint then wrapped in duct tape or similar . i could see that the ladder could spin round easily,a lethal ladder

I’m getting ready to drop 1,300-1,500 bucks on sectionals so this looks good for the money, but splayed or not if your ladder should spin with these adaptors won’t the ladder top also hit something? Creating shrapnal for you to fall on?

Most of these types of ladders in Germany have a extra base support which can be bolted… and when not available can be bought separate… like you said johnny having a base support on sectionals is extremely important and really should be made law after a certain height…if i have no support base and have to use with out it ( half sectional - or full sectional wide base ) i will get some one to hold the ladder very carefully and in a focused manner at the bottom of the ladder

I am very interested in seeing more about these add ons, or what others may think. Much of what I already have could do double duty if these are safe to use.

[SIZE=3]Awesome ladder…[/SIZE]

BostonMike Defeil posted this back in May 2012…

This is a very, very cool ladder ! Maybe one of the best ladders I’ve ever seen ! Plus it has a wide base which helps with safety !

I think the cleaner here needs to wet from the bottom to the top, and then squeegee from the top to the bottom, plus he really needs to install leg levelers. Also he needs to have a pully to be able to use a rope to extend the ladder.

Very good at squeegeeing ,cutting the edges like that while snaking minimizes detailing, funny though he needed to go back up and detail . If he needed to detail he should of done it before going down !

Carried the ladder the right way !


I really miss BostonMike here…:frowning:
He is a very square guy…:cool:


P.S. I really love that song ! Window cleaning is a pretty cool job…

We used pointers in Glasgow quite a lot. I never liked them. Kept banging my bloody knee on the crossbeam that stuck out.