Adding More Services

I’m thinking about adding carpet and hard surface cleaning to the list of services. I should be able to get a good setup for around 3 to 4000 dollars. The reason I want to add more services is because I would like to add coupons for carpet cleaning on our current advertising pieces. So, we will most likely have advertising pieces with coupons for window cleaning, maid service and carpet cleaning together on one flyer or mailer. This would really save money on advertising and will cater to a greater number of consumers. At least this is my thought. What are your thoughts on diversifying with more services? Those of you that have several services, do you advertise multiple services on one marketing piece, or do you have different marketing pieces for different services. That could get very expensive using different marketing pieces for each service.

I would say add what works for your area but make sure that you can deliver a quality end product. Sometimes a company adds to many services and doesn’t deliver top notch quality in all of them. This can make the customer doubt they can deliver quality in any of them.

I can agree with that

Too much diversifying could lead to confusion for the customer as to what you are really good at.

We, at Scenic View Windows, stick to keeping the exterior of the house clean, the windows clean and gutters clean. Outside light fixtures get cleaned too. But our main emphasis is window cleaning and pressure washing.

Yeah - I tend to discredit adverts with many service offerings. Especially those that don’t go hand & hand. For example, a construction company (who was doing great before the bubble burst) and has now added snow plowing, lawn mowing, landscaping, window cleaning, and duct cleaning. It’s like…okay you offer a lot, but what are you good at?

Also, if too many contradicting services are offered on one marketing piece, your message gets lost in the mix.

But I do think you can effectively market - wc’ing, gutter cleaning, pw’ing, etc…

I should also note, that we are expanding our service offerings, but market them very individually. Each service type gets its own representation so to speak.

I do think it’s different for you Kurt. Your company name could cause customers to expect to be able to get all those services from you.

I thought of the exact thing after thinking about it for a minute…your company name reflects your marketing angle…but I would still try to group like services together.

Kurt, I have talked to you face face. I’ll say you have what it takes to make it work. Your a pretty sharp minded guy.

If you are turning a good profit with the services now. Which I’m sure you are. It will work great for you. You guys that have not Kurt he’s sharp as a tac. And will make it work.

Thanks Paul,
Dormatex and Tony, I did have this diversification in mind when my wife and I started the company and I thought of the logo. I think carpet cleaning and hard surface cleaning go pretty well with the services that we currently offer. I’m kind of stuck trying to figure out if I want to get into power washing right now or carpet and hard floor cleaning. I’m leaning towards carpet because it’s inside. Weather does not play a factor.

+1…BTW Welcome Scenic View.

Hey Kurt,
Word on the web is your as sharp as a tic. Just messin man

Haha, that’s funny right there if I do say so myself.

Glass Restoration is an add on that goes right beside window cleaning. You can sell the WC job then restoration, or the restoration, and by the way… who do you use for window cleaning? See what I mean? Have you ever thought about offering it. The profit margins are out of this world!

Thats funny, spelling isn’t my best subject. But Tac is better read it again.

All in good fun man

I know it is. I’m a joker myself. No problem. In fact I put on facebook Kurt is a tic tac. LOL

have to agree with you kurt. my company is also a cleaning service company that specializes in windows, roof/house soft pressure wash, carpet , and tile/grout. another add on service you might want to look into is soft pressure roof cleaning since you have ladders. reason why, is because once you pressure wash a roof it literallly voids the warranty. therefor a soft pressure cleaning is essential when cleaning roofs and that’s something most people don’t know. using this technique will set you apart from other people cleaning roofs with pressure washer and not to mention that the results are incredible. start up costs are not too high and you can make alot of money off it. just something to keep in mind.

carpet cleaning is something good to offer for cleaning services but there’s alot of competition, at least in my area. maybe roof cleaning would be a better niche. if not what kind of carpet cleaning system are you looking into if you don’t mind me asking.

I was thinking of a portable Ninja. The one that does both carpet cleaning and can adapt to hard surface cleaning. I’m slowly thinking I may not go the carpet cleaning route. There is a lot of competition here. The main reason I was first looking into carpet cleaning was to get me through my slow winters in window cleaning. Then I found out carpet cleaning is as dead as window cleaning in the winter so go figure.