Additional benefit to Methanol

I was doing the inside of a 3 season porch yesterday and discovered a side benefit of using methanol in my water. The porch is used for smoking so they don’t do it in the house. When I washed the windows and scraped they ran brown. In normal circumstances I would have needed to use Simple Green and scrape a second time. The methanol broke down the nicotine on the first pass. Just an interesting observation I thought I’d share.

thanks Tony, thats good to know. Did you cut the methanol or use it straight?

Could I put some in my morning coffee to help protect my teeth from coffee stains? I drink it black!

Ha Ha Ha! i prefer baileys myself Mark! try it out and make a video on the benefits of methanol in your coffee. lol

Another benefit… I use it on CCU when there is any kind of adhesive in the glass. It breaks it down and is easier to scrape that way.

I added it to my solution at a dilution rate of 12.5%

What PPE do you utilize?