Address and Phone# in a Testimonial

I called a residential customer this afternoon to ask if he and his wife would be willing to give a testimonial for an upcoming flier I am making. He gave me the testimonial and proceeded to give his address and phone number. I told him “I really wasn’t planning on putting that much personal information in the flier, are you sure you want that in the testimonial?” He said him and his wife were so pleased at the job I did that they would do anything to help me build my business and wouldn’t mind people calling. I already had him as a reference but I was surprised that he wanted his address and phone# as part of the testimonial in a flier. Is this normal or maybe even desired in a testimonial to for a flier?

Is this normal or maybe even desired in a testimonial to for a flier?

SUPER-desired, yes. Optimal reference is a very detailed one.


“We loved their crew!” - Joe, New York

“We loved their crew!”
-Joe L. Smith | 355 Greenwich St, Manhattan | 718.555.4334


Here is is:

“Mr. David Pickens cleaned our home windows and the windows have never been cleaner, except for maybe the day they were installed. I would highly recommend Dave’s Window Cleaning to anyone!”
-Mr. Guy and Mrs. Joyce Fuller | 88 Clover Lane, Bristol | 276.669.3272

He said I could word it differently if I liked or call him back If I wanted to change it. I thought about removing the ‘except’ part. I also thought about taking Joyce off the bottom and putting in “My wife Joyce was thrilled at the results!” since that is something he said while talking to me. You think that would make it more powerful? or leave both names at the bottom?

Dude, that is awesome he will allow that much info. USE IT FOR SURE!

Use it on everything

p.s. the fact that he has given you permission to alter it is incredible

it needs work to be the perfect testimonial, now you can make it perfect… honestly

Put the ‘Joyce loved it too’ comment inside the testimonial, and make it just from Guy.

Great, I’ll work on that!

I was also wondering if it would be appropriate to put testimonials from businesses as well on the flier .

I thought that It wouldn’t fit well, since businesses are not my target audience. I have had several business owners volunteer to be references but I haven’t come across anybody who has requested them. I need to put those references to work! If it does happen to be a good idea, I know they would be happy for the free publicity.

I was planning on putting the references on a half sheet of paper but I’m not quite sure what to do with them once I have them. Just offer them to business owners as I’m out picking up business?