Addressing The Window Cleaning Drama


Wondering why you use jets and not rinse bar…
Also, you did a lot of promo for Moerman but you no longer use them?

Rinse bars require a whole different technique and create alot of issues with drips that otherwise wouldnt be there. Moerman sucks… I wouldnt promote them either.

You two are so cool to watch!

I love rinse bars, never have drip problems and they are the best for hydrophobic glass. I was asking because I really don’t see any advantage to fan or pencil jets. I like Moerman too, just realized today they work better with harder rubber.

Moerman has changed the way we approach pole work in our commercial routes. The liquidator may have it’s shortcomings, but you can’t argue with the efficiency of the excelerator and fliq.

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i like my wagtail way more than i like my moerman

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