Advanced Skills lesson 2 video

Here is lesson 2 as promised, I had a good response from lesson one, and I still have time at home to drive my wife crazy. So to stay out of the dog house, here is a continuation of time saving tips for both new and experienced window cleaners.


This one includes, the flip, the 7 technique, the wagtail and the angle adapter.
Watch for Roger, an employee at a business we clean, trying to distract us while we did the video! He made us laugh so we had to voice over the original sound track.

Nice job Matt!

Thanks Alex

Thanks for again doing this Matt. One question for you…

At one point it looks like you are working on a large commercial glass garage type door. It looks like there are smaller, aluminum sills. I never saw you wipe them at any time during the video. What do you typically do for something like that. I am assuming the water would drip down onto the other panes below the top and so forth. Thanks.

Good question, That was an oil change place, and I have a full video of that below. First I try not to have more water than needed on the mit, and then I will run the mit carefully across the base of a clean row to prevent drips. You will see this move in the attatched video at 2 min 16 seconds into it.
I used just clips of this video for training and to shorten the lesson 2 video.


Your are very observant, I hope this Video series helps you.

Looks good Matt. Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing Matt.

Your welcome, Ray