Advanced Window Cleaning Skills DVD

Has anybody else seen this video? I bought one and took my game to the next level using their techniques.
// YouTube

I was thinking about getting it. Is it worth it?? I mean are they techniques you are actually now using?

Kick it my way when you’re done Mike. Looks like a good vid. How much was it?

WCR had it in their store for a while (a little more than a year ago) and I bought it back then. I think I paid around $30 USD

It has some good stuff in it and is great for anyone doing storefront.

I’d honestly say that I’m still using some of the techniques along with other skills that I’ve picked up since then.

Its a nice DVD.

The DVD is really more for storefront window cleaners. I have watched it many times. I pick up something new each time I see it again.

I love it, it has become a must for training someone new, It has sped up my work as well as my less experienced help. It surprised me on how just a few small adjustments can make a big difference. I review it often, also I liked the out-takes at the end, it shows that things don’t always work perfect!

The out-takes are brilliant, it finishes off the DVD perfectly :slight_smile:

I like listenening to the Scottish narrator! Looks like it is worth the money.

I was about to ask for a link. Thanks Karlosdaze!
your always so helpful.

[B]Alex and Chris:[/B] Will the WCR Store be stocking this again soon?

I’ll be able to give a special deal on all three DVD’s of Marks. If anyone fancies that - show your interest below. Or PM me.

where is it available in the USA?

Let me know, Mr. Robinson – I’m interested.

I would be interested also.

Hey Gerd,
I do not know who sells it in the USA. I got mine from the original source in England, I think. They run the payment through paypal. I got it before WCR had it available. I think it was $50-$60?

The deal will be up on the blog this weekend :slight_smile:
Just trying to get the best deal possible & sorting out some details!

it sold great while we had it…

But id say get it through Karl for sure!

Great video lots of good tips.

Scottish! Don’t think Mark would be too happy with that :smiley:

Its now up - not found anywhere else on the internet - not even on Marks site!
Robinson-Solutions: 3 for 2 - Window Cleaning DVD Unique Offer