Adventures in window cleaning

did a residential job today. i went in and setup a couple drop cloths and a cat came in and started clawing at them. i was on the second floor. i opened the window and removed the screen. the cat jumped up on the window sill. i picked him up and out him on the ground. did the same thing again, put him on the ground. then jumped up again and then out onto the little roof above the garage and immediately jumped off. WTF!!! i couldnt beleive it. so i ran down the stairs, the other cat was laying on the stairs and freaked out. took off and hid. i told the home owner and we all ran outside to find it. got him after a few minutes. but then nobody could find the other cat. damn thing was hiding way in the backside of the closet. we were looking for it for over an hour!

heres some pics of the house.
its the window over the garage.

just out of curiousity, what would you have charged for this job?

how many man hours would you est?

Are the grills on the glass or inside the IGUs?

My most ‘memorable’ adventure with an animal was way back when I used paper towels for all sills and detailing. A neighborhood dog took my last roll and I had the darndest time getting it back. I think I was cursing and crying I was so mad.

all of the double hungs have the grills inside the glass. there are strips above the garage though that are wooden frames with 42 individual panes

Can’t figure out an exact, but I’d say my base pricing would be around$550 if I counted correctly.

In my market, 450 to 475 and 3 man crew, done before lunch

I’ve had dogs reach into my bucket and steal my applicator!

I would like this 10x

if that house was in my area it would be $700 interior/exterior clean.

~$600 here. 8 or 9 hours solo for the first clean (assuming no CCU). Hopefully shave that down to 7 to 7 1/2 hours on future visits.

The worst I’ve had was a dog that kept stealing my shoes, and an indoor cat that escaped for 10 or 15 minutes that I had to help chase down.

I know I love dogs but man that’s the first place they go is sniffing around my bucket. I had one eat a sandwich I had

Probably close to $600+

Where are you located?

Wow. This thread started to take off 4 years later.

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