Please, What is the absolute best way to advertise window cleaning in an area where there has never been a window cleaning service. I don’t have much advertising money. What works best for ya’ll. Thanks

I would say fliers

We put an add in the towns local paper

I would have to agree on the fliers. I am new & on a limited budget. I have done pretty well with fliers. My return has been much greater than my investment.

I would say fliers also.

a brick in thier window with a…yep, a flier…

I’ll try the flier If it don’t work, then the brick thru the window lol

Fliers for commercial advertising?

who said anything about fliers commercial advertising? (other than you)

This is the Commercial subforum.

my mistake, nice catch. In that case to answer your question, fliers would not be the best bet in my opinion for gaining new accounts.

Paper the town and advertise online anyplace that is free. Kudzu, Craigslist, Backpage, Merchant Circle and the list goes on.