Advice for window cleaning problems

Hi, Erik here from Washington state, i have a pressure washing business that is in its 3rd year and going well. Interested in getting more and better into window cleaning to the point where i can have repeat customers on a recurring basis. I have a couple questions. First, i noticed when i put in a new ettore rubber it performs amazing. But not to long after it seems to leave a “film” of water, its not 100 percent. Is that just mean it’s time to switch rubber? 2nd what should i be typically charging per window ( basic picture window) inside and out? Just out? Any other advice would be amazing. Thanks!

What is not too long after? Pricing depends on your market. I’d call other companies and get a quote on your personal home to see where the market is at.

Not too long after= immediately after. Doesn’t matter how hard i press or angle, seems to easily leave some water behind. I do notice it when it dries, its not streaks but a film. I will say on a brand new rubber it works fantastic and leaves no water mark, but still, it doesn’t seem like I use it that much before it does this.

You may actually be pushing too hard down on the handle. The squeegee should be doing the work for you, your hand and wrist just guide. We (myself and employees) actually just hold the squeegee in our fingertips. I can’t think of what else it could be, unless when you are replacing the rubber you are not getting the rubber to be truly straight in the channel and you have wavy rubber. That would cause the problem as well.

ok, yeah even when I hold lightly, does it worse. I wonder if the weather freezing it could contribute… I’ll look into what you said

If it’s cold out, you’ll always have that sheen. As long as it eventually dries, you’re good.

Pricing commercial, try $2 per pane inside and out, for Residential, try $5 per pane then go up or down by 0.50 depending on response.

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Thanks Jared, when you say pane do you even mean small pieces of glass in sliding windows?

check your channel for straightness.
experiment with different pressure it doesn’t require alot.
make sure you have the correct angle-how far is the butt end of the squeegee from the glass while rubber is on. different channels and handles are each designed to provide a specific angle so the corner of the edge of the rubber hits the glass correctly. so experiment with a different hand angle.