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How do you guys offer so many other services and keep everything organized, without getting to side tracked on one service you offer?

The issue that Im having is Im like most of you guys offering multiple services, but i feel that when i do this one of my services stand out and the others fall to the side and dont get the attention that they deserve. Im just curious how most people keep all there services up and running fluidly. I hope this helps understand my issue.

Pick a service or be known as a “jack of all trades, [U]master of none[/U]”

you offer more then one service.

power washing, soft washing and roof cleaning are all related to exterior home cleaning. Window cleaning and exterior home cleaning are not related, different tools, different process and considered a different service.

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I think exterior home cleaning easily can include window cleaning. Many of my customers have me window clean and power wash on the same visit.

Over many years I’ve garnered a pretty good reputation for window cleaning in my area. Last year on our recorded phone greeting we started encouraging listeners to bundle services and save. It’s worked pretty well for us.
So my point is if you can be regarded as amazing in one thing, you may well be able to add related services to your repertoire without forcing the issue.

For those that do multiple services, do you advertise them equally or market one specifically when doing post cards? Ive always had multiple services on the same post card, but wonder if I should try just one at a time.

When I first put the website together (with the WFP stuff) I planned on trying to up-sell the services but it became to much of a PITA and not enough return. I keep it on there now for the people that ask for those services but turn down all interior cleaning and refer my exterior window cleaning to another company if the customer does not take the exterior house wash.

Thanks for clarification.

But they aren’t asking for those services… you are PRESENTING those services.

I love it, "[I]pick one service…blah blah… don’t be known as…[/I]"
But yet you do EXACTLY that.

Even better, you don’t even have a relationship yet, and you have to backpedal right off the bat.
And tell them that your actually DON’T offer that service, “but I know a guy… you want his number?” :rolleyes:

Hey guys thanks for the replies, I think I got it worked out.

I’ve been thinking about letting ALL phone calls go to voicemail and then calling right back, just so they hear my other services. Good idea or bad idea?

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Very bad idea. Just tell them.

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There’s nothing like talking to a live person. When I’m able to answer right away it tends to take people by surprise- in a good way.
The challenge I’ve found is how do you let people know what you can do for them before they want to hang up?

I was offering a variety of services but this past year have scaled back from offering so many services. Now I take into consideration how physically and mentally draining one task can be over the other so I’d rather not do something that’s gonna exert all my energy by 2pm, It’s important to be running on all cylinders. I also found that just because I offered more services didn’t make me a busier person it just meant that I had to do more stuff. And when I was performing one of my add ons that time slot could easily be filled with a primary service so what’s the point.

They used to ask for those services prior to me offering them and I said “no”. Later on I decided to add those services, I added them to the website and up-sold them on a regular basis BUT the return was not worth the effort. Since then I do not up-sell those services at all and only wash commercial panels to commercial customers. Exterior windows are just as clean from my soft wash as they would be from WFP and interior work is passed on to others who specialize in that service. Washing panels is very similar to washing siding or roofs with a different tool for application and no chems.

Wrong, again! Read above statement.

Wrong again! I dont offer resi window cleaning on my site but people still ask for it (see first statement) and then I pass on to another company. The resi solar panel cleaning is a different beast and most resi customers realize that its too expensive and not worth it for the return they get. Others are more concerned with the “dirty” look on the panels and are willing to pay my rates to get them clean regardless of the financial return.

I’m curious to know why you thjnk the return was not worth the effort .

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It was a personal choice based on my needs

Opinions are like butt holes…everybody has one.

Yours is just predominantly bigger than most.

Exterior window cleaning is most certainly by definition part of the exterior of a home.

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