Advice needed with yellowpages advertising!

Hi there. I am brand new to the forum. I am needing some experienced counsel/advice on advertising, which i why i registered on the forum today.
I have been running a mainly residential wc business for a little over 5 years now. I have run a small ad in both of the main books for a few years.
I don’t get much work from the books. But the few, big, long-term accounts have been worth it.
Anyway, i am considering moving up to a larger ad that will get me better placement in the book. I am hoping to hear from others how larger ads have worked for you.
I recently bought a 5 stage RO/DI cart and am looking to expand a little into some commercial buildings (3 stories).
Thank you! christopher

Hey Christopher, welcome to the greatest window cleaning message board in the world. There is tons of good info here on Marketing and Advertising. Do you have a website? I find that people nowadays go to google when looking for a service, and for the most part Yellow Pages are a thing of the past.

I agree, When people use the yellow pages they are calling not only you but several of your competitors as well and are looking for a bid from all of you (at least most of the time).
With a web site you, Hopefully, have already sold your service and are getting calls to schedule the work and not to run around giving bids.

Oh Yea, the bills for the yellow page ads keep coming in every month whether you are getting work from them or not.

I did the yellow pages my 1st year of business, i think i got like 1 job.

now the only advertising i do is on or on my website.

All free, so all of my income is 100% profit…

I would buy Kevin’s book if I were you.

I spent countless hours and dollars hitting my head trying to figure out what works. READ THIS BOOK

I think your link may be broken or incorrect. It’s not working for me.:frowning:

Kevin’s website and book information:

I have signed up for Kevin’s book and am looking forward to learning alot.
I am sure there is a whole lot to the business side of things that i need to learn.
But for right now i am seeking to make the best decision as to whether or not a bigger , more expensive ad in the yellowpages is a wise choice. I only have a few days to decide.


A bigger ad isn’t usually the answer. I’m in the main 2 books in my area and I have a smaller ad. My business name starts w/ an A so I’m the first in the list for both books. I get a few price shoppers but the ads always pay for themselves every year and then some. I’ll probably keep them if for no other reason than sometimes a customer looses your info and needs to find you. Or if they refer you to their friends and forget to give them the number. It’s definitely not the most aggressive marketing that you can do but it’s good basic marketing.

I did not put an add in the yellow pages by Bell in my area. I did go with a smaller company that makes basically hte same directory as the big telephone company. paid $1000.00 for a year in there and i have a double business sized full color ad, and it paid for itself the first month.

Kevins Book


The Yellow Pages SUCK. Don’t waste your money. Spend the extra $700 a month on a pro active marketing campaign.

Like someone else said. You have to wait for someone to think about getting there windows did. Then you have them call you and three of your competitors.

With Direct Mail or Flyers they weren’t even thinking about having their windows cleaned until they got your marketing material.


Total waste of money. All you need is a one line listing that comes free with your phone service. Really you don’t need that but it’s good for validation purposes.


98% of my target demographic use computers on a daily basis. Even Grandma Ethel checks her email and has been trained to google something, research their site, then call.

You asked… so I’m gonna tell you…

[CENTER][SIZE=“5”]The PhoneBook is a Dinosaur.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
and you don’t see too many of those around now do you?



Google adwords (assuming you don’t already have a website that shows up on page 1 of google) will give you way more bang for your buck than Yellow pages.

I received three calls today, all due to my AT&T Yellow Pages ads. I live in and provide service to a small county (220,000 population.)

I Have got a few calls that were in my area but most seem to be across the state and think a $200 minimum is rediculous! Has not paid for itself yet but maybe just maybe. My friends Co.'s first call from the yp was a $8000 four time a year job, I’ll be lucky to do $8000 in four years at this rate.

Perhaps the marketing gurus here could provide constructive criticism on your ad to increase its effectiveness.

One important thing about YP ads - it’s alot like real estate. In real estate they tell you there are 3 important things that sell a property - location, location, location! The biggest ads don’t mean anything if someone is just going down a list and calling the first couple of guys. Get an ad that’s just bigger than the smallest they offer. List your services and contact info along w/ your tagline. Oh and of course show up. Some wcers in my area have the reputation of never showing up to give bids they set up.

I am leaning towards keeping a presence in the book with a slightly bigger ad, but am not sure yet. I understand that Google and the net are the way to go. I have a website in the works.

I am thinking about advertising PURE WATER in the yellowpage ad. Something like 'Windows stay cleaner, longer!"
What do you think? It would stand out from the rest, and i believe it to be true.
(Maybe it would be best to put that under another thread)

I dont know if I would pure water in. Put your self in your customers shoes for a second. Sit back and think… lets say your looking through the book for a carpet cleaner. What would you look for right before you placed a call?