Advice on 2nd story rates

They used Storms on New construction? I am just asking because I have never seen that here in NY…all the storms I have done are old. Are the new ones any easier than the old types?

It was on the first 5 star green rated house here in Iowa. They used the storms to improve the energy efficiency for the rating. Turned 65 DH windows into 130 sets!:eek:

I’m starting to see newer storms (over double hung) showing up in my area. All held on by screws. Not difficult, but time consuming. You often have to explain to the customer why the price is so high. That’s when I tilt the window in and point out the 6-12 screws I have to remove and replace per window then I say “times that by 30 windows!”. They get the point.

As I’ve requested a video series on WFP, some of you who deal with storms on a daily basis should make a video with some of the basics. Here are not very common, not at all, at least in my target area. I’ve came across a few but I did bid to don’t get the job. Did a job one time but the were the newer type and not bad at all, but is always good to learn something new.
Maybe a new idea for you Tony :slight_smile:

I appreciate all of the tips. I am going to put a package together & see what she says. I’ll let ya’ll know how it works out.


Well, I gave them a bid of $675 thinking I had no chance of getting this job. She didn’t bat an eye…said when can you do it?

I am in awe…first really big gig. That is neat.

Thanks everyone for the advice !!!


Now, as soon as you finish that job, you’ll see why that bid wasn’t too high after all.

Never be afraid to ask for good money for a job.


Congrats. Go get it. Hope this is just the irst to come or ya. And take a much needed rest after you get done. :smiley:

Congratulations!!! Man that’s awesome. Makes me want to go out there and find work. Wait it’s 12:30 am in the morning. :frowning:

Here pal
when something gets huge I look at it like how many days will this take and how much money do I want to make. Only exp wil tell…+4

I’d be happy to do a video on storms. Seth has a video on cleaning a storm panel on his winmate. I may do one that’s a little monger on removing and replacing the storms. May take a while before I get around to it though.

Congrtaulations! I used to have the same reaction when I got a job that I thought was bid high. Often I had underestimated how much work it was. Hope it works out well for you.:wink:

My customer wants to pay me by credit card. What do some of you use to process transactions like this ?

I have a paypal account that I will probably use to process this unless I get a better idea here.

My opionion on this job is that you really should have two people doing it. Even if your second guy has no experience with windows at all. I have done my share of old victorian / farm house type homes and its no walk in the park. In your situation, i would remove all of the storms from the get go (this is nice to have a helper). Do all of the interior glass first. I would bet that those old double hungs will leak through. You can count on that for sure. Do all of the exteriors then head inside to do both sides of the storms (helper installs them as you get them done). Put them back in as you go from room to room. I would have bid this job about 250.00 to 300.00 more if it were me but I have overhead that I assume you dont have. If you could find a buddy that would help you out for the day, It would be money well spent in my book.

P.S. Bring something to pry windows with and a rubber mallet. So many of these type homes I see have windows painted shut to lock out the heat and cold. Good luck bro.


Paypal would be best for you, if they are willing to go online and process it.
Otherwise, you will need to set up a merchant account with a local bank. This will usually cost you 1% - 3% and possibly a monthly fee of 5-15 dollars.