Advice on School bid (Pic included)

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We went to a school today to look at the building so we can give them a bid on WC monthly or quarterly. We do mostly residential and I don’t go after any commercial accounts, but when they call I don’t reject any.

I’m interested in getting this one because is a private school and looking beyond this specific job I can see getting business from the kids’ parents once they know/see us working there.

I have attached a picture of one of the buildings, there are 7 of them, 5 with little more than 100 panes each and 2 others with 60-80 panes each. Access is not complicated, not vegetation outside, inside very little furniture needs to be moved around, pretty straight forward I guess. I can clean it in one day with my wife for sure, she does interiors, I enjoy the 100+ degrees :slight_smile:

I don’t desperately need it, but I can always use money, who don’t ?

I was thinking full price for the first cleaning, then 20% off for monthly and 10-15% off for quarterly.

Don’t really know how to charge per pane but I’d figure something out before tomorrow.

Any input from the guys more used to this kind of jobs would be appreciated, and if there’s any information you might need to help me better, just ask me

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I’d prolly be at ~75% of my residential per equivalent pane price for the corrective cleaning, and the discounts you mentioned above for maintenance frequency cleanings.

Thanks Larry (good to see you again BTW)
I’ll keep looking to see what else the other guys have to say, I still have time until tomorrow to send this to the customer.

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I seriously doubt you get that done in a day, if there really are around 700 panes. at two min per pane (1 min in, 1 min out) it would take the two of y’all over 11.5 hrs to do the job. That does even take into account lunch or breaks. I’d probably price it around $2100. Even if it takes y’all two days, that’s still not bad

You’re right, I was thinking about something else I guess, no way I can get in one day without rushing things, and that’s something I don’t do.
Can I ask how did you get to that number ?

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Why couldn’t you get that done in a day? If you got 2 or 3 set ups outsides only running waterfed, you can bang that out in a day easy.
Its all one story right?
The only thing that is the bear on this is the insides. Thats the only thing that will hold you down time wise.

I wouldn’t give that much of a break for greater frequency. Thats way too much. You can always make your work on the outside more efficient, but the insides are going to be the same every single bleedin’ time. Same blinds, same messy desks that you have to put dry towels over, same knick nacs that you need to move off of sills, same picture frames that need to be moved same blah blah infinitum…

If it were me, I would off a dollar amount discount if they move all the stuff away from the windows. THAT would help your wife, and them. You can get it done quicker, and they can save a buck or two.

Hey Tory, good to see you too man !

I agree with you, but not focusing on this job as a standalone thing, I want to lock it so I can get into this “circle”.
Private school, like 400 kids, most of them from high income areas. To get their business through what we do at the school is the goal.
I won’t do the school for peanuts just to get that, but it’s an easy job and can be done on the weekends, so I’ll miss a couple of soccer games on TV but will make that money and hopefully pull some other business from there.

Also I forgot to mention that on the first cleaning I’d be doing it the traditional way, future cleanings might use my WFP but don’t know if is necessary or not.

I figured you and your wife together could do a pane per minute, so 700 panes/60=11.6 hours.

Excellent, thanks a lot.

Actually I do keep an eye on how long it takes us to do this and that, but I always focus on the big picture, making sure every detail was taken care of, and there’s another thing that’s really BS but still a reality, which is the customers perception. If you take a job, charge $300 and you’re done in an hour, even if everything is pristine they’re going to rty to find something wrong.

I’m all for making more in less time, but try to avoid any headaches dealing with that “extremely perceptive” people if you know what I mean.

Hopefully tomorrow during the day I’d be able to finish this bid and sent it over them, got a nice first encounter with the cleaning manager who is in charge of hiring this service, he also mentioned his getting just another bid, they have to make a decision by Friday.