Alaco ladders for sale in New york

Just thought id share


Omg this timing can’t possibly be worse. I would literally drive out today to buy them, but I’m flying to California tomorrow for ten days. No way are those gonna last till i get back. :disappointed_relieved:

They seem little expensive for me , taking into consideration that there used

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What you think mike @Majestic66

They are not manufactured any longer, I would sure pay that.

I dunno about heading to the East Side with $700 cash to meet up with a rando lol


Not a bad price considering hardly used. Even so these ladders are basically indestructible my 10 year old set is still fine.
He says he bought them 2 years ago. Where they selling Allaco 2 years ago?
Are allaco lighter than Mettalic ?
I think they are. I used them years ago just don’t remember

Anyway ya I would buy them if I was neeeding another set.

I would just therr with one of my boys though like Chris says east side wth cash hmmmm

@GenaroGuzman its hard to compare what you paid for your ladders. You got a steal ! Good for you though!!

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Nope. He must have bought them used. According to a post on wcmail, Alaco discontinued production of all sectional ladders in early 2008. Though I’m sure some warehouses still had leftover stock for awhile, I’m guessing that everything would’ve been gone in a year or two at most.