Alex looking shocked!

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Looks more like he’s saying, “WTF!”

Off Topic, I gotta get me a green screen.

Guess we’ll be seeing Tool Talk with computer-generated graphics, eh?

No wonder Alex looks shocked! lol.

SORBO!!! nope. I think those were Ettore Super Channels or Pulex Alumex Channels.

And yes… that is the WTF face :smiley:

looks like a chroma key screen, you should do some sweet backgrounds…like reviewing tools from an island or something cool.
You can do it with that screen, check into it.

Me and a buddy got into it for a while, major fun!

as someone who knows a tiny bit about photography.

You need to make a seamless, endless background, it is easy actually. Just move the background about 2-3 feet farther back, and bend it. So the bottom is closer to your feet and the top is an additional 2 feet farther back from the leading edge that is on the bottom. This will alleviate the shadows and produce a great back area.

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WTF, that was funny!

Hey, that was good… just choose which way you want to go - cake or death?

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Matt…that was funny dude.

Where do you guys find this stuff?