Alex or WCR guys, need some help

Long story short, some scumbag stole my pole out of my truck, Need to get another one on it’s way asap.

theres a chat box in the store delivering quicker results… sorry 4 yur loss

That sucks [MENTION=26719]sefan[/MENTION] yeah like buddyo said hit that chat box…

Where in PA are you, Sefan? What’s your company name? Sorry that happened.


Ouch that stinks… We are happy to help get you set back up. If you need one for this weekend and feel like taking a drive out one of us can meet you at the warehouse.

If not we can rush one out Monday morning to you.

Thanks guys, Dan I’m down in SE PA, right on the Delaware line. Go by Dave Morey Window cleaning. Chris , I’ll be calling early Monday , hopefully get it over nighted for tuesday.

Now that’s Customer Service at its BEST!!