Alex's new office with some of the poles


I know he gets into his work but I think he’s taken it too far! Can you say INTERVENTION?!?!:eek:

ahh it worked… I set my phone to snap pics and automatically post up on the forum here… I hope to get up various behind the scenes shots here at wcr.

Yeah Alex has been hiding in the warehouse for the past week. Uploading inventory… into the store.

Wow that’s a pretty cool feature! Technology these days…

he looks so thrilled to be there, it looks like a typical monday to me

I think he was annoyed I was crawilng around the ceiling snaping pics of him.

I hated the internet today… we later made up… we are friends again now.

Was that before or after the intervention?:smiley:

During… its complicated and a bit touchy.:smiley: