Already gave up

So sitting at the salon waiting for my ladys to get their hair when lo and behold a window cleaner shows up to do the windows. Now, not trying to down this guy but he looked like he gave up before he even strated. It was outsides only and doing the mirrors at every station. He left finger prints behind, didn’t clean the mirrors, and didn’t clean up all the details on the windows. I was going to try and point this out but the guy went out to his car and got a invoice and came back wanting a signature. While he went to the car I had to point this out to the owner who was working right there. She was not to happy.
So the guy came back in, touched up some spots and still left others and left. I asked the owner how much they charge and they charged her $22 just for the outsides and the mirrors and she had to remind them every time of what to do. She said why you ask? You a window cleaner? Said yes I am and gave her a fee of $20 for both inside/outside + mirrors and left her my card.
It was a sad day for window cleaners :frowning:


I agree…

You quoted her (client) half the price of the other cleaner that left areas to detail on the glass and left finger prints after a second come thru…

Why?.. :thinking: you had the perfect opportunity to show your value as a true professional.


awesome man, I know the the feeling, it’s kind of like the chalk board scratch feeling watching those people make us look bad. gotta weedem out.

I had a car full of lady’s and didn’t have my window cleaning gear. I will be back there Friday anyways so I will be doing it then. I was going to go back afterwards but she was pretty mad about the way they treated her so my best bet was letting her cool off

I believe you missed a good opportunity to show your value as a professional.

I don’t mean by your “cleaning” opportunity.


If you are talking about the other window cleaner I don’t believe I didn’t anything but be professional. I was trying to get in a word with him but he was dead set on getting the job done as quick as he can and leaving the invoice behind. And it was his body language on top of that when the owner was talking to him. I wanted for him to succeed, almost to the point of giving him a demonstration with his own tools. But, he just didn’t want to be there and I couldn’t help someone who didn’t want any in the first place

I understand you did what you could for him.

What I was getting at was you valued your higher quality service to the client at half of what he charged her… I don’t understand that it just doesn’t make sense to me.


Exactly?! Why not charge a fair price for QUALITY work.


Oh ok, I see :slight_smile: There wasn’t that many windows to worry about in the first place. $20 is a fair price I think. It’s only 2 1/2 windows and about 4 mirrors oh and the doorway

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Bookmark this thread and come back to it in a year or two, and I think you’ll understand more about what I’m getting at.


Ok I guess we have to agree to disagree

for now…
(To be continued)


I agree with everything WCS has said here.

This is exactly why I said in another thread, some guys do good in this business financially, other guys just flounder around.

If this is how you want to run your business, who is anyone to tell you how to run it. But I will be honest and tell you, I’ll be the first guy not to answer your question about business. I’m all about maximizing gross sales, and you seem to be the opposite. So what could I tell you that had any value when you seem to want to go in an opposite direction of a business like mine?



So you are saying I should milk this account for more that its worth? They were over charging her in the first place. 22 dollars just for outsides and a couple mirrors is shameful. It’s going to take more time to put on my belt than it is to clean these windows. 20 monthly is going to look good in my bank account.

Worth to who?

It’s blatantly obvious it is worth what she WAS paying, she just had issues with the QUALITY she was receiving.

Like I said, it’s your business. Charge her 5 bucks for all of it if you want to.

We obviously value ourselves and our time differently. I don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies.


At the rate I charge for storefront $20 is right were this account fits in. The time at the account isn’t that much. What would you charge for it? I am not picking up pennies but rather picking up a client who is going to be happy with the service and will be glad to spread the news about a good worker at a good price

personally speaking, I would have quoted her $25.00 for outside work…(she was not happy, so I’d predict that 3 bucks more wouldn’t bother her at all…just to give you a chance to meet her expectations) I’d ask her to let me come back and show her what a quality window cleaning looks like…Then when I came back, once she saw the difference in quality…I’d point out how it would look even better with interior and exterior…explained it would ONLY be $15.00 more for inside and outside, plus the mirrors…Once she saw the difference in quality and how you conduct yourself professionally inside her business…That’s 40 bucks all day.

I understand there are not that many windows…But I believe that you can get that price…because I have done it…twice in the last 2 months…and I live in a VERY small market with competition. But as I said, that’s what I would do personally. I look at it like…I’d have nothing at all to lose of she say no.


I would have charged 25 for outsides and mirrors. This assumes that this is where your market price cap is. In my market, I would have charged 30 just for outside glass.

Add the inside for another 10 bucks. 15 in my market.

I would not have done it for less. I know what fuel costs and how much my time is worth.

But then I don’t know how many mirrors either, so it could be more.

Think on something. This cleaner offered pretty low quality service, that people are paying for, at a higher price they you are offering quality service for. Who do you think is putting more money in the bank?

@anon82274079 Dang…we were pretty close in our thinking hahaha!

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$2 for outsides, $4 for inside and out. Two windows, a door, and half a door is about $12. 4 mirrors at about $2 a cleaning that takes about a minute for those. Don’t care what the last guy was charging because by the looks of it he is out a monthly account. 20 minutes at most isn’t going to cost $40 or $30.