Aluminum siding?

I have a first. A customer wants powerwashing(i use the SH 12.5%, simple cherry etc) on his aluminum siding. I have only used on vinyl siding. Does the same formula work on the aluminum siding?

Depending on what type of paint i know the 12.5 can sometimes eat away at the paint.

test the 12.5 on a tiny area - or use a “green” cleaner

If the paint on the aluminum siding is oxidized then run like hell!

I asked the same question last summer, I never really got a straight answer. My feeling is so many things can go wrong cleaning aluminum. If you wipe your hand on it and is real oxidized, you can remove dirt grime, and paint. My problem is, the company that taught me powerwashing 20 years ago, didn’t have a clue what they were doing so now all these years later I find myself with so many questions. Wrong chem. and lots of scrubbing with brushes. Now days they don’t even scrub diddly. Hope we both can get some great answers this year. There’s alot of smart people here.