Always making sure to detail the ledges and frames after we wash the window pane

Those are some very old windows.

Always be careful when working with old windows like that. Unless they have been VERY well taken care of, the paint chips easy and the wood tends to have rotten spots. It’s not hard for them to look pretty ugly if you get aggressive when you are detailing frames and sills.

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Hope you charge for that level of detail


thanks for the tip, we apply a solution that does most of the work so we dont have to apply much pressure and no rotting wood. they have old skool wooden storm doors on the cabin that protects the sills and window

I hope i did too.

What solution is that? Simple green?

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the white pad i used was really effective, you dont have to press hard at all, I applied water on soap for these ones in the pic but yes I usually apply Simple green

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