Am I outta line?

I hired a sub to do floor work for me on ccu. The construction foreman wasnt satisfied with all their work, I went back the next day with another worker and fixed what wasnt right. I took off the cost of supplies and labor for 2 and deducted it from the subs quote she gave me to pay her. Am I outta line or would you do the same thing? i did contact the sub to see if they wanted to come back and fix it, they said no. My first time using a sub…

When you contacted the sub, did you tell them that you were going to deduct from their quote for YOU to go back and fix the problems?

[U]They[/U] were out of line by not even going back to [U]see[/U] what was wrong…

If the sub didn’t complete the work as defined and agreed upon prior to service and did not correct the communicated issues then you are right in making any deductions.

well I don’t think you broke any laws if that’s what you are wondering. and I agree with what you did.

no, at the time i talked to the sub, i hadnt seen the problem, or known what was going to have to be done to fix.All i knew was that the foreman wanted me to meet him at job site. When i did go meet with foreman and i saw what needed done i went back that night to fix and called the sub, told them I was going back to finish the job,and id let them know how it went. At that point i really wasnt sure what i was going to do. Called them following day told them then it took us 3 hrs plus supplies and i was deducting from their pay. The foreman was very happy with our work and appreciated that we fixed it that fast. My sub of course doesnt think i should have deducted it…her response was, “well sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done”…and I’m paying you $800.00 and I have to finish it??? I dont think so…

Yeah, she should have done what she had to do to get the job done.


Just like she said and it applies to you also…“well sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done”…

You played it right Sheren don’t let it bother you. People need to be responsible for what they produce, and that’s what you were doing for the contractor. No reason for you to eat it…Crapola rolls down hill and if we don’t clean the mess in the back yard we’ll step in it, and that’s what those people need to realize !

Don’t call them again , they showed that they were not willing to follow threw with their work…non professional !

Dangerous Dave

PS… Sharen, what Brett is saying in post # 12 sounds like sound and experienced advice…The way to go Brett !

No, you are not out of line.


You did what it took to deliver to the foreman what you were paid to do. Did the sub even come close to delivering on what they were paid to do? Sure doesn’t sound like it. You were completely in the right in your actions. As was mentioned before, at least you learned not to use her again.

At least you were able to take care or this situation quickly and make the one paying you happy. Maybe a subcontract agreement that addresses these potential situations would help from here on?


I have dealt with subs all through my career. The typical way to handle this situation is to shoot off an email to your sub. The title of the email will be “24 hour notice”. In the body you let your sub know that they have 24 hours to correct the problem. If they fail to do so, you will have the problem corrected and they will be back-charged. I typically back-charge the cost plus 15% overhead.

This covers your butt should the sub decide to take you to court. Please remember, everything concerning a sub should be done in writing! Even if you have a conversation on the phone, follow up with a quick email. We all have smart phones and it only takes a few seconds to cover your butt.

yes i definitely will address that situation w/subs next time. The contractor has said hed like to use us again.

great advice… sounds like youve been thru this a few times…Thanks guys, appreciate the advice! Btw,the sub I used on this job,subs [B]me[/B] out to do windows at an aspen dental & I told her that if my work was ever not satisfactory,(which wont happen…lol) i would go back, with no hesitation and fix it or expect it to be reflected in what she owed me…so i expected the same…ill let you know if i still have that job…


You sound like a real Pro.


Nice Sharen, sounds like you handled it the ideal way.

And I also suggest a written contract for next time, that addresses warranties and commitments regarding your client’s satisfaction (and yours).