Am I ready?

I’ve been preparing an EDDM campaign for a couple of months now. I read the Blueprint. Twice. Have spreadsheets for cities and their demographics, spreadsheets for each cities postal routes that include income and home value, several reconfigured templates from WCRA, and $11,000 in my savings. I know repitition is key to a successful campaign. Our season here will be ending when the 100° days arrive in June, so I only have three months of repetition available. I’ve had success with door hangers but most of my target market lives behind gates. EDDM is a significant investment on my budget, what would you do?

be very careful, while mailers can be successful in many areas they are also a huge gamble. just like any form of gambling never bet more than you can afford to lose. which is why the wcmb talks about testing and refining before major campaigns.

Testing is seeming like a conundrum for me. I’ve read it can take several mailings before brand recognition illicits a response. I was going to order two designs, 5000 of each but am unsure how to disperse them (frequency, how many routes,and quantity)

Put up a mock-up of your eddm card for folks to give feedback on.
How many pieces are you sending out on your first mailing?

… They quantity you send out really depends on your budget, on how
much you are willing to spend. Are you planning on spending that whole 11,000?
Set your budget, then pick the top routes you want to send to till it adds up to your budget.

Apologies for the upload orientation. The first and third uploads are the front and back, as with the 2nd and 4th.

Check out Joe Polish and his EDDM stuff. Honestly, it is way better than anything you will find elsewhere. He was groomed in the service industry. Using his tactics and other things, I was able to have a profit on every flyer I’ve sent out. Although, I have not sent out more than 2400 at a time, Joe is a safe bet.

He created the audiobook Piranha marketing. He has a ton of stuff on his website too.

Action is better than no action. I don’t know what kind of profit your flyers will drive, but you have to find a purple elephant to sell as a window cleaner. A purple elephant is way more valuable than a normal elephant. Your flyers must be a purple elephant. If that makes sense.

My flyers are actually completely different than that, way less “professional” and “exciting” one would say. But it sells as a purple elephant.

But, all that being said. Window Cleaning Blueprint has worked for many, many window cleaners (total assumption) and has been tested for you. Those flyers are probably legit and work great! Go for it man! You have nothing to lose! Losing time by not sending them out hurts more than perfecting a plan. Especially when you have cash to spend on marketing.

Good luck man!


Thank you for the encouragement, advice, and referral. I’ll check him out tonight.

sidepoint - I believe 20 windows for $200 was in mid 2000’s when originally used

adjusting for inflation that would be 20 windows for $265 nowadays

@Chris lol you know, same old me hahaha

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I usually apply that price to average sized windows. Most of the homes here average about 30-40 windows, so I adjust on the extra ones. I like the customer to feel they are getting a deal, even if just in the language of how the price is presented.

haha Love it!

Good to see you here Bruce - hope you have been well :slight_smile: