Ambidextrous ness

Hey that’s not word. No, it’s just a hook to draw traffic to my post.

I am more comfortable after nine years of wc using my left to swirl and fan, scrape and scrub.

As saving seconds is so critical in our work, I envision a new belt with at least a squeegee on both left and right with maybe a second boab and scraper.

I have scrim or micro on each side now.

Cutting the dead time when the tool is in transport would seem critical to time savings.

Yeah, I’ve been toying with the idea of switching my BOAB over to my right side, and making a leather holster for my squeegees on the left (kind of like the ettore holster, but left handed). I’ve been trying to be more ambidextrous lately, as I have had some pain and numbness in my left hand on occasion.

I call this economy of motion.

I find it’s physically beneficial to switch from right to left on occasion where I’m centered at the window. I’m about 90% as good lefty as righty. How couldn’t I be after 27 years :slight_smile:
Some of my past righty employees have preferred their boab on the left- I guess like a sword in a sheath. Whatever.