American Seaboard - Warning

This is a letter I got back in September from American Seaboard National, a nation service provider. I was cleaning a Lenscrafters store for American Seaboard. They never would pay on time, but after the third month of non payment I stopped. That was back last Feb! So they owe a total of 345.00 for Dec, Jan, and Feb.

Since getting this letter, I’ve tried calling numerous times. Nobody answers, and nobody returns any voicemails. Email hasn’t worked either.

I thought I would give them a chance to pay before I posted this letter, but clearly they’re not. So be warned, American Seaboard plays dirty!

Micah - Good to know as I start soliciting National Comapnies. I know of other instances in different industries that deal with some of the same headaches with national companies - slow pay, no pay, strict requirements, no backend support. Thanks for the heads up!

There is a strip mall where the owner “just” filed for bankruptcy protection. The shop owners want there windows cleaned. But management hasn’t done bunk in ages. This latest happening may be a contributing reason why. So I’m wondering what chances you think I may have getting the job to do the shopping center under these new conditions?

Thats ridiculous! Sorry Micah…at least its not in the thousands right? Now THATS a great post man. We should have a deadbeat customers section so nobody else go’s thru the same thing.

“We’re not gonna pay you, and now if you want to work, its gonna be at least 2 months…maybe”


Now this is a GREAT reason to do RESIDENTIAL work. Do the work, GET PAID RIGHT NOW!! (and make almost double the dollars per hour with little to no competion):smiley:

I hear ya on that one! Little to no competition? Not over here my friend. Money upon completion is always good in my book!

Don’t talk to the management company. Deal w/ the individual shop owners. If they want the windows cleaned to improve their image then they will pay.

I tried that route with a bunch of them. They tell me that management has always handled it in the past, so I think they’re just waiting. Theres one store that has really dirty windows, and a lot of them, so I gave a bid. But I’m still waiting even after a month. And some have even started cleaning them themselves, or say that’s what they’re going to do if the property management doesn’t act soon. So maybe I just have to keep in touch over time and see.

If they are waiting on the management company then they aren’t that concerned about clean windows and image. They are looking for free window cleaning. I’d canvas other areas. Make sure they have your card w/ a quote on the back and then move on to greener pastures.

I also do work for American Seaboard, Its for a American Eagle Outfitters in local mall here. So far I have not had any issues, BUT I do also subcontract some work for a company out of Toronto that has nation wide contracts for retail outlets, and last year I WAS cleaning a Pearle Vision (lenscrafter) location locally and was never getting paid. The company I subcontract for issued a letter saying that American Seaboard owed them over $25 000 and that they were dropping all A.S. accounts.
I never went back to get Lenscrafters, as it was more trouble than anything. but when dealing with them for the American Eagle Outfitters I have not run into any issues.
Sorry to hear your misfortune with this company. companies like this are making it harder and harder to get paid for doing retail stores.

I’m just glad I turned down the airport here - Prospecting wise it was hundreds of thousands. Then it happened, the airport cleaners started emptying all the rubbish containers all over the airport because they hadn’t been paid. This has happened at least a couple of times since I’d turned it down. Play it by numbers - if you loose one or two clients it ain’t a big deal & you always get paid!

Just the other day I had a conversation with a national cleaning company I do work with about over due invoice. Thats $1300 45 days past due. I was told the check will issued in the Nov 13th. They have been having problems too with not receiving payment from the retail stores. They asked me to “please be patient, in these economic times, we all need to work together.” To hell with that crap! I’ll go pick up some resi work instead of wasting my time with storefront jerks.

I love WCR! Google " American seaboard national".
I hope as many window cleaners as possible read this thread.

If I were to consider working as a sub for a property mgt co., I would want to be paid very promptly or in advance. I would make that very clear or I would not take the job. I had the experience of being cheated by one of them a long time ago. He had the same excuse as Seaboard. They figure that if they don’t get paid, you should not either. Once was enough. Working for free is no fun.

You and me both. Good luck with that one. They’ll just find some other shmuck to clean the windows.
I believe “for the most part” that these national cleaning companies are having a difficult time collecting from retail stores. Retail industry is one of the hardest hit in these economic times.

American Seaboard has my phone number, email address and snail mail address. Why didn’t they call and say " hey, lenscrafters is being slow about paying, infact, they may not pay at all - why don’t you hold off on service tell we can straighten it out."

Nope, American Seaboard let their contractors work for nothing while they enjoyed the benefits.

What really ticked me off was Dan sent me a letter yesterday saying “as of today your services are no longer needed”. Lol.

That sucks Micah, maybe Dan read this thread haha! Oh well hopefully you will get your payment and you can forget about american Seaboard althogether.

We always had the thought that if you make an agreement with a sub, you stick to it, even if you do not get paid. We would not have liked living with the guilt of not sticking to our agreement, even if others did not.:mad: It’s too bad these companies don’t feel the same way. I hope you get your money soon, Micah.

The agreement with most national service companies says that if they don’t get paid, you don’t get paid.

I’ve got one that I’m dealing with. They offered me waaaaay more than the job was worth to go to a small town twice a year. Eventually they will stick it to me, but I’ll still end up ahead.

When lenscrafter is not paying, they want to keep the service going so lenscrafter will not get angry and use it as an excuse not to pay.

Guess who takes the risk?

He may have ended your deal because you were insisting on getting paid. That is what they think of as rude.