American Window Cleaner - is it worth it to renew?

Just for fun, I thought I would post this topic. I got the subscription renewal for American Window Cleaner. Although I have enjoyed reading the magazine in the past, with each new issue I find it less compelling. Especially after seeing how good AWC was in the past.

Sometimes the articles are not that interesting, or relevant, and sometimes they don’t prepare their articles well. Like they wanted to know what window cleaning was like around the world, and they interviewed a Canadian guy, but this guy was only a one man show, no offense. I am a one man show, but I would rather hear how window cleaning is here from a bigger company.

Also they had an article where they claimed you should clean windows below 27 Fahrenheit, according to one of the window cleaning companies.

Plus some of the features, I can get by subscribing to World. Such as Gary’s column each month.

There are things I like about AWC like looking at the new products coming out, but I don’t know. I might renew this year than not renew next.

Anyway. Tell me, should I renew again, is it worth it?

I thought I’ve heard they are always looking for new ideas and article submissions. Maybe you can help make it more interesting, relevant, and compelling for your liking.

I enjoy the magazine. I will be renewing.

I find that I’m not always drawn to all the articles in each issue. I do however eventually read all the articles and am sometimes suprised. I think all magazines (industry or otherwise) suffer the same dilema - how to deliver at least something for all the readers. How often do you read the whole newspaper? I think Seth’s suggestion about contacting them w/ some ideas for articles that would interest you is great. Give it a whirl and see what happens!:cool:

I think its the best & only mag out there for window cleaners - but as you say, can be tedious. And I’d back up about what you say about the older issues being better. I’ve not received “window talk” from the Federation (UK) for around 2 years & PWC (Ionics brochure) has disappeared even though I’ve paid for another 10 issues.

The way I see it - I thought I’d bring up the news daily via the blog - at least you can search for what you need that’s relevant for what you are looking for. Hopefully it will become a compendium for everything window cleaning. I reckon the future is with an internet magazine with downloads etc - its just the magazines need money to print/postage/editize etc. Notice, I also download the video’s & upload myself - so they will always be there & not disappear in the future.

Karlos, I enjoy reading your blog regularly. Keep it up!

Thanks Mike, I really appreciate the comment - it takes quite a bit of my time, so its good to know that some get something out of it. I hate reporting the deaths - but its better to put it out there, so people keep checking their safety.

You’re my first subscriber!!!

Looking for more input on your blog!
I think Steve Wright has one as well.

Great blog Karlos! Love the bit on Formby.

I’m flattered you read my blog. I just posted a new post today about price.

And what a great post - I wish sometimes I could memorize something like that to tell some of t*ssers I have to give a quote for.