An so it begins ... Spring 2020


It wasn’t even spring when we had a client talk about our price being higher than the previous cleaners. This was while we were cleaning, mind you. However, they did comment that we cleaned better too.


I always think it’s funny how they bring up the last cleaners price but don’t mention why they don’t call up the cleaner and request him to come and preform the service again…


I have started asking “I’m curious, why didn’t you call them?”


I call people out on that all the time. “If you know what you want to pay, and you have a company that charges you that much, why are you calling us? It makes no sense.” 99% of the time they say, “well they’re either out of business or not returning my call”. I’m just blunt with them and let them know, “well at that price I’m not even willing to show up and look at the job so it’s no surprise that they don’t return your call. If anything changes we’re here.”


When I was there giving the estimate he said he had a company doin it twice a year, but wasn’t happy , because they kept sending different crews.
I know the company , there the biggest out here. Nice guy , but he did seem concerned about price. Kept telling me I pay cash. Lol
An he’s counting my money by telling me it only took 3 1/2 hours with two guys, I was thinking about 3 hours :sunglasses:
An the Wow , I was only 135 more than the other guys, so i couldn’t careless if he calls or not.

Here’s another email from a prospect. Same price structure.

Trick is to just keep giving them some will some won’t so what … next

We had someone get an online quote. Came out to $484. Say they want to get it done ASAP but that our price is steep, can we lower it. Says so more than once. We drive by to confirm his counts. New total: $532. If $484 was “steep”, how much of a discount would’ve been ok? $25, $50, $100? He would’ve complained about something anyway and I send the message that my initial price is bloated and that I can be haggled like I’m at a bazaar.

Glad to see these posts. Sometimes I think I’m too prideful to lower my price but also know if I do, I’m going to hate myself.


Got a call yesterday to possibly do a big job next week. I came highly recommended.
I gave a rough estimate (which is all the owner expected) from several pictures. The owner was quite surprised at the $1110 rough estimate for the 9,000 sq. ft home. They pay $300 for a 5,000 sq ft home maybe 3 hours away. I find out today someone contacted via Home Advisor will be doing it for $450.


Oh they call you back :wink:


I don’t doubt it!

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Sooner or later your luck runs out when you keep using the cheap guy.


I learned from someone who might as well be an actuary that its proven 7% of people are only interested in the lowest price irregardless of anything else

that’s actually not too bad considering the #1 concern of window cleaners seems to be about pricing to appeal to 100% of people who call

the point i get is 7% will walk no matter what your price is lol


Price shoppers rarely become recurring customers. They will surely drop you like a dead fish :fish: the next time they want some WC.