Angies list becoming ultra competitive

Any of you Angies list guys getting frustrated with Angies List?
I was one of the first companies to advertise on the list with a priority spot, but now they are selling spots to my competitors (which they have the right to do). They don’t show any loyalty to their vendors by continuing to raise their fees, and now they are grouponing and some low ball companies are adverstising $99 in/out deals. I have about double the amount of reports than any other company, and continue to get calls from it, but I feel like angieslist has some conflict of interest issues going on.
Thoughts welcomed.

I’ve noticed the same thing about AL. Starting to get a little sick of it. Pay for itself 100 times over, though.

i think everything is becoming more competitive, we just need to be on the top of our game

Agree with everything above. Will add it gets frustrating when your account manager changes 2-3 times a year.

What are you guys paying yearly for your membership?

Prices increase yearly and mine will go up but last year 175 monthly

175 A MONTH?


Why wow? That puts us in the window cleaning and pressure washing sections in many cities.

Agreed. I haven’t heard a lot of things about angies list from you guys. Is it that valuable?

I pay $208 per month

225 for me, it definitely pays for itself and then some, you just got top be on your game, and upfront and asking them to fill out a+ review, If you are good at you do, there is nothing to worry about.

Sounds like the same problem when I used to advertise with AT&T. Different rep every time. Had to start all over each time with someone trying to sell me on ads I did not want.

when you are talking memberships, do you mean to advertise as a contractor or as a consumer personal membership?

I think if you are the first one to pay for listing priority with them you will maintain that top spot; could be wrong. the rate for listing priority is based on the number of members for your area. so if it goes up, that’s good because it means their membership is increasing around you. still a bargain. last year brought me over 22K dollars worth of new customers from AL, and most of them will be repeat customers. that’s where it really pays off. I pay $2,100 for 12 months of advertising, top spot. with the most raving reviews as well, I get most all the calls. since it’s pretty seasonal here in WI, they will suspend the advertising at any time. so I pay for a year’s worth and turn it off Dec-March. they offered a free month when subscribing, so I can pretty much spread 1 year out over 2 calendar years. for 50k worth of new customers it’s a no-brainer. we work hard at getting reports though. I give an AL report to every residential customer we do, even the non-AL members. since I see all the reports with names that get sent it, it’s the easiest fool-proof way of getting testimonials, which I then quote for the web-site.

Hi Gabe,
I am roger we talked the other week about, anyways I rotate at the top with three other companies, that means I am not always number 1, they cycle it based upon the number of hits the category gets, so everyone gets a fair shot at the top, however whats not factoring is the different size and type a job is, so i may get a small job, the next might get a big job, however I do find that # reports are what hits the home run, however they are now doing lowball deals that are hard to compete with and the want 30% as finder fee with their groupon deal.

i’m confused…are paying for their “big deal?” or are you paying to be placed at top of results period? i’m gonna have to find out what happens if someone else pays for placement after I have done so.

This angies list sounds like a really good gig. I’ve already decided I am dropping out of the phone book this year. Not worth the money. It brought me $1000 after it paid for itself. Not worth the hassle. SOunds like I can put that money into bigger and better avenues…

I don’t like the big deal. I feel as its just customers looking for the best savings possible. I think they will do the same next time too.

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I totally agree. not worth the money because they won’t be repeat customers and they’re just looking for cheap price, which is not the way I build my business.

No, i am paying for priority placement. and would never do a groupon gig ever. they want 30% cut after you already slashed your prices down for the big deal. you have to inflate your prices big time to make it seem like a “big deal”