Angie's List Booklet

I have a deal for the monthly Angie’s List booklet 1/3 page color ad for $136 12 month contract do any of you advertise with it and if so, do you gain much work from it.

I have a listing on there but never pushed it so only have 3 testimonials my thought process is if i pay for advertising through their booklet unless I give a really good discount people aren’t going to be overly impressed with a 3 testimonials. Now on my website i have well over a 100 but anyway just wanted to ask before I decide on whether to try it or not.

Cheers, Marty

I haven’t pulled the trigger on the booklet at all. Maybe someone else can chime in on this who has tried and seen results. The distribution is limited to certain zones, ask for the volume of houses or businesses it hits. That would be my first question to see if it’s worth it or not.

I have done it and usually get 2-3 jobs a month form the magazine.

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If your going to do the mag than you should also do the enhanced web and online advertising. Your not going to attract attention sitting on the bottom of the barrell.

I do at least 5 houses from AL per week. However, I got noting from the book. Get those “A” reviews and things will take off.

The publication is more for branding than anything else. Web Placement is key however, they are changing how that works with the “Scorecard”.

I can’t do it. Our booklet covers the NYC Metro Area, so not only would 80% of it not be in our service area, but we would probably get flooded with calls from areas where we dont service.