Angle of squeegee to glass

So I have already admitted that I am a poor “fanner” even though I do practice.

Based on your work in the field, what is the proper angle the squeegee should be in reference to the glass, assuming it is a traditional squeegee (not a zero degree)?

Can someone please post a picture or a quick video clip…maybe…


I’d say every squeegee brand is a little different but overall you can do this:

Hold the squeegee on the glass with your dominant hand then slip the opposite hand in between your curled fingers and the glass. This should be a good angle provided your hands aren’t too chubby. :o

But really the true test is performance. If you’re leaving water behind, then compensate til you’ve got it fixed.



I did these for a friend of mine, it is on a small window, so may not help.

So I have already admitted that I am a poor “fanner” even though I do practice.

One of the things that really helped me learn to fan was making sure my solution had enough slip. Use some Super Slip from Winsol, or use a solution that contains enough wetting agents GG3 is pretty good (or use TSP, if you want to and feel right about it… I’m not intentionally starting a soap war, honest) You cannot fan properly without plenty of glide… at least I can’t.

I was struggling like crazy to fan until I got the window nice and slippery, then it was fairly easy to get the form down.

I dont even know! 2 inches from the glass?

Hey I use GG3 and a little Super Slip. Can’t have enough slip.