Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor stores have switched providers (sort of). If you happened to be servicing any of the Ann Taylors or Ann Taylor Loft stores PM me and I’ll give you the contact information.

Are they paying more then 30 bucks per service for window cleaning?

Never again!

I took a look at the Ann Taylor and The Loft stores in my area. I priced them up at $60 each. The national guys wanted me to work for $30. They had the nerve to say they would get me more money for them in the future.

I approached another smaller store in the same outdoor mall and quoted $30. The manager said that sounded about right and they would keep my card, because the windows looked really bad. They use a national provider. I wonder what the guy who works for the national guys gets. A lot less than $30. I bet he works really fast if you know what I mean. He has too!

They owe us a grand…

Yeah I was doing the two local store’s here for over $100 each time. Now the new company wants me to do it for $25-$30. They are crazy. There’s a good bit of windows and both stores and they have metal manikins in each window that are a pain to move. No thanks.

REally?? When were you doing them for $100 a pop?

Yeah the price sucks but Mr Window wasnt really bad to work for. For me it was just all the call in, call out and have papers signed, Must be there at this time bla bla bla. We will not be doing the Ann Taylors anymore. It really wasnt worth the trouble.

Yeah, I got out of that deal a long time ago. Good riddance.

Pretty similiar thing happened to me here in Spokane. I wasted the time quoting them out, and they wanted a lot done for nothing. I even tried to reason with them on the low price saying we could do partial. Nope - They wanted the insides done every time with the outs. Think they were wanting every two weeks. LOL @ them…

I had a similar experience in Az. Not enough $$ for the work.

I had to scream and yell but finally got the money,but if people would quit working for nsp’s they would go out of business

I think it will get harder and harder for the nsp’s to get people to work as the word gets out.

I wouldn’t do the Ann Taylor stores in Hingham. They never did get done. I guess they couln’t find anybody to work for peanuts. Now they have lost the account. At those prices the new nsp won’t be able to find anybody good either.

Just got a call today about getting one of their locations cleaned. He told me a price that he thought the job could get done for, but he didnt know what the store looked like. I told him I could go look at it beings I was in the area and I could call him back with a price I would do it for. So after I looked at it I called him and I gave him a new price and that I could do it this week and he said OK. So, everything has gone ok so far…but I will report back if and when I get paid. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Kind of funny.

GL with it though…

SO whats everyone doing to get their money?

How much are you owed?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a couple times:

In God we trust. All others pay cash.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me…

I’m sure there are a few more :slight_smile:
Cliche’s are us, Inc.

P.S.- Is Mr. Window out of the picture? I will approach the store manager.
They wanted In & Out for $30. I refuse to do that, then wait for two months to get paid.
I may be dumb, but I’m not an idyat. Bite yer tongue, larry :wink:

I didn’t do any work for them, but if I did, I would hire an attorney who does collections.

Problem is… They have a VERY tough time collecting out of state.

I heard the Ann Taylors went back to the original NSP

Really? Where did you hear that?