Announcing Screen Magic Concentrate

New Screen Magic Concentrate - Price: 154.99 - Average Shipping Cost $6.50

Until now customers would buy a 5 gallon jug of Screen Magic and shipping would be around $30-$60 to ship the 46 pounds 5 gallon jug. Screen Magic concentrate is mixed 1:9. It only takes a 1/2 gallon of Screen Magic Concentrate to make 5 gallons of Screen Magic. The concentrate weighs just 4.5 pounds and shipping is usually under $7 dollars. If that wasn’t enough savings, the price for Screen Magic Concentrate is about $50 less because our shipping cost to WCR is about $50 less. The standard five gallon jug retails for $199.99, Screen Magic Concentrate is on sale now for $154.99.

This new product should blow the door wide open for Screen Magic. Everyone who has tried Screen Magic has been amazed at how well it cleans even the toughest window screens with absolutely no rinsing or scrubbing. The new Screen Magic Concentrate brings the cost per screen down to about .12 cents per average (3’x4’) screen.

Until now the only way to effectively clean screens was to scrub them, which is a labor intensive chore that many times doubles the time spent on a job with a lot of screens. Screen Magic reduces two man hours of scrubbing to about 20 minutes. Some companies are now even throwing in screen cleaning for free to offer a more competitive bid. Other companies are charging an extra $1-$5 per screen promoting Screen Magic’s UV inhibitors that extend the life of the screen, and the dust repellents that keep the screens looking like new for about 4-6 months. Screen Magic can make you more money per job and save you time. That’s a home run! If you have been thinking about trying Screen Magic now is the time!

Here is the link for more info on Screen Magic Concentrate: Screen Magic concentrate

I ordered mine yesterday! Woot! Can’t wait to get it. Got a 4 story HOA I am doing on Thursday with nasty screens. I will probably use half of it. This is gonna cut my time by quite a bit I am sure. Thanks for the new formula guys!!! Brilliant idea.

brilliant move! .12 a screen i think is worth it

now if only titan labs would make their gg 3 or 4 with some slip in it… hint hint

+1 on that one Jerry!

I’ve found that gg4 mixed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations has plenty of slip. Is it possible that you are putting too much pressure on the squeegee?

So you are saying 5 gallon of solution will clean 1291.667 screens?

You spray 1/2 ounce on a 3’ X 4’ screen? How do you cover a screen with 15 mils of solution?

it very well could be. it only happens once in awhile. i use less than what is recommended on the bottle. i hate soapy water. leaves too many lines.

If you use the recommended Chapin hand pump air sprayer (available at ACE hardware if you don’t have one) you will get great yield. It has the best spray dispersement of all the sprayers we tested. If you use the 24oz sample size trigger spray bottle to try out Screen Magic you will probably use more, it does not have the great dispersement that the air pump sprayer has.

You may use a little more when you first start treating screens with Screen Magic but just like when you first started doing windows, once you get the technic down you will be a lot more efficient. When you spray the back of the screen you usually only need to give it a very quick spray, they back is never as dirty as the front. I put together a video for proper technics and tips. It’s the video at the the very bottom of this link titled “Screen Magic Demonstration”. Screen Magic concentrate

If you have any other questions let me know.

Also to the rest of you who commented on Screen Magic Concentrate, thanks for your kind words. We are very excited about the concentrate. Chris tells me the response has been incredible. Thanks everyone for your support, we really appreciate it!!!

Its an awesome product and we get great customer service right here at our house (the forum). Just like NanoUltra, you made a believer outta me. Thanks for the video and the tip on the sprayer, much appreciated.

This screen magic is just hard to believe w/out seeing.

I understand Art. After using it though I am a believer. We do occasionally have screens that are to toasted and need a deep cleaning but on about 80% of our first time cleans we are able to use the SM.

Same here Tony. Art, just get a small bottle of the stuff, youre gonna trip out when you see how it works.

If this stuff works, I have to reconstruct my whole pricing angle. I won’t really be able to upsell detail screen cleaning. I hope it works. I hate spending so much time on screens and then they still look mediocre from being so old.

You didn’t answer my questions. I thought they were simple questions. Could you answer them please?

I toss a little bit of that stuff leaking from CW’s cranium in my GG4 for added slip.

Sometimes when I answer questions I assume you’re familiar with out product when you may not be, my bad. Let me take your questions- one at a time.

How many screens per 5 gallon:
It takes about 1/2 oz of Screen Magic to clean a 3’x4’ screen, their is 640 oz in a 5 gallon jug, that comes out to about 1,280.

How do you treat a screen with 15ml:
Screen Magic is a product that you spray on the screen, you don’t scrub it in like other products. Just spray it on and wipe down the frame with a towel and that is it, no scrubbing.

For best result spray Screen Magic on with a Chapin model #1002 sprayer. The disbursement of the sprayer is the key to getting the most bang for your buck. We have tested most every sprayer out their and this one does the best job. Our method of testing is pretty straight forward. We use a metric scale and measure the the sprayer. Then we treat three 3’x4’ screens and measure the sprayer again. This tells us how many ML we used to treat three screens and then we divide it by three for the average, which comes up to about 15 ML which is about 1/2 OZ.

I put together a video for proper technics and tips. It’s the video at the the very bottom of this link titled “Screen Magic Demonstration”. Screen Magic concentrate

ok, Thank-you

Hold on Jerry, it won’t make a beat up screen look new. It makes a dirty screen perfectly clean. You can still sell screen detailing. It dont matter how easy it is to detail right?

charge what you’ve been charging if the results are the same

Just got mine today!!! Woot!

Gonna mix it this weekend and puttin’ it to work on Monday. Can’t wait. So sick of washing these screens. My bottle ran out last week, ever since I’ve been hating life. You guys who dont know, buy a small bottle and give it a shot. Its the new dope. Can’t go without it.