Annual price increases on the way

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I believe I remember one time reading that y’all spend many hours a month cross-checking competitors’ pricing so that you can stay at the same or better prices.

Is that still true? Is the price increase a general industry increase that WCR is responding to?

Any idea of a rough, avg % increase so we can update budgets?

3, 5, 10% ?

Absolutely! We want to be as competitive as possible.

Egh… Overall maybe 2%

Some things wont move at all

Some things 5%

A few things possibly 10%

But overall average about 2%

Really we hate to change them at all. But every year at the same time price increases come down from the big 3 and a few others. We have to maintain there stated MAP pricing (minimum advertised price)

We can get around that MAP with offline price matching / beating and through the WCRA.

WCRA members always get the best price.

We decided to mention it this year so folks could squeeze there orders in this week and save a few bucks…

Hope that helps.

All prices go up, such is life. No worries!

Thank you Chris. I appreciate you looking out for us and letting us know.

It’s understandable. Too bad we’re only 2 mos from buying our pure water set up :frowning:

So it goes :slight_smile: keep up the good work!

Well at least you get your nice WCRA discount :slight_smile: - Most folks that bought a pure water systems this year completely made up the price of there WCRA discount.