Another Bid Request to the members of WCR

All right fellas,

I am bidding out another Commercial job. It is a perfect candidate for a WFP, but I don’t have one. Maybe getting this gig will change that. Besides, I have to do the insides too, so no WFP there. I will need to rent a 24’ manlift to access these as quickly as possible. Ladders would due if needed.

The panes are 4’X4’, 7 rows high, and 40 columns all the way around. Also 12 glass doors. All the surface around the entire building is flatwork concrete so the manlift will be perfect for the upper reaches.

I would like to know what each of you would put your prices at. Taking into account recent advice of putting up my prices, I have a seemingly large figure in my head. I warm called and persued this place after a chance encounter with the facility manager (He saw me cleaning a row of townhomes). I don’t really want him out looking for other bids, just for my sanity. I don’t think there is too many others in this area to compete on this type of job, but I don’t want t scare him off. I just feel that my price might be a little too steep. Keep in mind that this a State supported University and they take forever to pay.

When looking at the pics, the one on the left is right on target, you can see all of it. I do not need to do the "block style translucent glass wall. The pic on the right is scewed so as not to show all the glass. If you look at the lights that run up and down along the brick columns, behind each one of those, there are two columns of glass, same size as the others, still 7 rows up from the ground. And there are twenty panes on the reverse side of the building that you cannot see.
Let me know what you think! Thanks.

Just a couple of questions Bert. Is this a CCU? If I’ve done the math right it’s 28ft high so if you don’t want to use a wfp couldn’t you just use a 30ft Unger w/ a ledger? I’m sure my per pane is alot less than what you’re getting in Texas.
If you’re bidding a regular clean then use your standard per pane price which I would count at 432 panes ext and 432 int. I know the actual count would be 292 for int and ext but I increase my count by 50% for the large pane size.
For me I’d use my wfp and the price would be $1080 ext and $1180 int (I charge a little more interior because of the high windows which take a little more work inside). For a CCU you need to get at least 2-3 times your regular per pane price.

Ok, you woun’t like what is have to say!! Generlly on these type of things you bid and they do it in house !! Gov type get some no brain and half ass job to do it !! Here in the real world !! I really don’t put much stock in these type of jobs !! Here in the real world !! Looks like a good job to put a feather in your hat on !! Ha ! But don’t get your hopes up !! But some times things work out !! Wet scrap ?? Get a waiver signed !! Let the group know how things work out !! Also if that one side is faceing the sun the call back is greater !! If you know what i mean !! Bid this to make some good money !!! Good luck !!! Stan, pro window kleening 23 years

Hey guys thanks for the info. I have figured, refigured it, and refigured it again to come up with my total. It is a little higher than Tony, but he is using a WFP and I am doing nose to glass stuff. It is not a CCU, but a regular clean.

I have cleaned glass before at this University and they pay like a slot machine, but it takes a long time to get through the bidding/approval phases. Last year, when I cleaned the building across the street (pic is on my site), it took them fours months to get backto me after the proposal. The guy said that I was the only one to answer the phone when he called so I got the bid.

As far as the wet Scraper goes, the debris waiver, and AUWC Fab Debris bulletin, and a small section of my T&C cover that. Should be no problem. They sign the waiver or I walk. Let someone else clean them and get to replace some glass. No Thanks. BTW AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of my jobs get the waiver and bulletin.

Thanks for replying guys. Keep it coming.

Kudos Bert! Hope you get the gig. I figured your price should be higher than mine after all things are bigger in Texas, yes?!:wink:

Hey Bert,

I figure just over $2,800 in and out here in the northwest. I don’t wfp either. Not sure if I’d bother with on this job in my opinion.
I’d settle on $2,500 since you’ll be at one location, not loosing time driving between job site to job site. But, if you need to rent a man lift, then I would bid it $2,800.
If I had the job, I would 32 ft ladder that whole thing. On flat level ground, you could move right along possibly faster than doing it in a man lift.